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Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery (THEN & NOW PHOTOS)

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goldie hawn red carpet pic

Goldie Hawn is an actress whose career has spanned more than four decades but you'd be hard pressed to guess that the blonde beauty is actually 64-years-old.  We've pulled together a Goldie photo gallery to showcase the fact that she still looks like she did in her youth.

Most Hollywood celebrities begin to show marked changes to their face and hair style as their careers evolve but that cannot be said for Hawn, who has basically looked the same since the early 1970's when she first appeared in "Cactus Flower" in 1969, a role that earned her an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.   She also starred in the hit television comedy series "Laugh In", where she appeared as the 'Sock It to Me!' girl.

The fact that Goldie hasn't changed much over time would suggest that she has been diligent in maintaining her look with the help of any number of cosmetic procedures: neck tightening, laser resurfacing to combat sun damage, face lifts to reduce the bags under the eyes, and fillers to keep the wrinkles at bay.  Kudos go out to whoever has been assisting the actress in maintaining the status quo because the differences between her early photos and her current red carpet pictures are subtle.

Her film projects have slowed up considerably but she recently co-wrote a comedy feature film with Jeremy Pikser. She will make her directorial debut and star in "Ashes to Ashes" with her long time partner Kurt Russell.

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View our 'through the years' photo gallery of Goldie Hawn below:

Photos:  WENN

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Goldie Hawn, you did it your way. I can still hear your infectious laugh on laugh in. You are very beautiful. I loved your movies and will always have a soft spot in my heart for you.
Hugs, Paul


I love Goldie Hawn, but I think her looks HAVE changed and I wish she'd left well enough alone. I believe it is okay to look one's age and wish these wonderful people like Goldie and others would let themselves age gracefully.


Goldie wasn't the Sock It To Me girl. That was Judy Carne.


Goldie, you are beautiful, I have always loved you, you kids, your style. Happy thanksgiving. I'm a makeup artist for bobbi brown @ macys in manhattan bch come in see us, its not too far were cool here.


goldie hawn is beautiful and the picture you seen in the magazine is clearly not bad, take a look at her film decieved and when she is runing her hair flies behind her head and she looks just the same as she does in that photo, clearly she isnt going to look her best first thing in the morning, no make up, and her hair not done? and she doesnt look like an 80 year old either she looks alot younger than 60 to.
and she doent need to change her hair either


i just love her!
i dont care about the commentaires.


This is one case of the use of plastic surgery that I don't care about. She's gorgeous and she's subtle about the procedures. She's also a great actress. But at some point, she has to keep it real and let herself grow old. Gracefully.....


Saw Goldie Hawn in a tabloid without makeup, and photoshop. She is one mass of wrinkles and looks more like a 80 year old than someone only 64. Most celebrities show hard living in their faces, but are made to look perfect. Who are they trying to fool. Joan Collins is another one - get real.