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Lady Gaga Nearly Nude at London BRIT Awards (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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lady gaga shows her butt

Lady Gaga performed and accepted three awards at the 30th Annual BRIT Awards on Tuesday night in London.  The singer wore a lacy see-through costume that barely covered her backside.

Gaga took honors for Best International Female Artist, Best International Breakthrough Act and Best International Album for "The Fame".

The talented musician paid tribute to designer Lee McQueen by dedicating her BRIT Award performance to him.  A London coroner ruled today that McQueen died of asphyxiation and hanging - see details here.

Queen Elizabeth met Lady Gaga in early December 2009 following the Royal Variety Performance in Blackpool, England - see photos here.

View more photos and the performance video below.  We've included a few stills from Gaga's "Telephone" video.

Photos:  WENN

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I love Lady Gaga because although she's blond, she isn't the Standard American Beauty, ie, Jessica Simpson. She's extremely short, with a pronounced nose, somewhat pear-shaped breasts and slightly shaggy behind, all of which she was not only born with, but knows how to flaunt to perfection. If you got it, work with it? She works with what she's got, and it's genius.


She has been going on stage in her underwear since before she was famous. People are acting so surprised. It's not like she came out of left field with this. I think the outfit is beautiful.


Now this is outfit is what I consider ridiculous. I don't care about her past outfits; those were fine. But this? She might as well have gone on stage naked.


Why is there the need for singers to go nude or flaunt their sexuality? Why is it the excuse that I'm just expressing myself and it's ok? We don't see the men doing this kind of stuff but it's always the women selling their sexuality. The only reason they do this is because it sells not realizing they have 10 year olds looking up to them.