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Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery Before and After PHOTOS

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jane fonda before after before

Actress Jane Fonda recently announced on her blog, "I just had some work done on my chin and neck, and had the bags taken away from under my eyes."  The 72-year-old has also published some new photos to show off her new look.

She continued, "I decided to get a new haircut so people would think it's my new hair."

Other stars who have recently made cosmetic changes include Goldie Hawn, Heidi Montag,and Regis and Joy Philbin.

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More Jane Fonda before and after photos below:


I have danced to your video's, watched your movies & followed your success as a person. I love you Jane! God Bless you! Oh, P.S. I think it was so hot that you had a bear come in the cabin with your grand-baby. "Granny got her gun!" Now that is cool!


Jane Fonda looks more important.....who is the plastic surgeon?!


What makes me angry is that these rich women have plastic surgery (most deny it, but do it) and then they are held up as examples of "how good older women can look." Pfft!


She should never had any work done. She was aging beautifully on her own.