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Rapper Trina Photos Leaked from Stolen Cell (VIDEO)

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trina nude photos stolen

Rapper Trina has contacted the FBI because she is being shaken down for hush money in an apparent extortion plot.  The singer told MTV that her cell went missing at the BET Hip-Hop Awards back in October 2009 and her personal collection of candid photos are now being held for ransom.

The private pics reportedly show Trina's private areas.  There were also some photos of Trina with her NBA boyfriend, Denver Nuggets power forward Kenyon Martin.

The rapper spoke with before the pictures went viral and said, "I personally would not want a picture of me leaked.  I lost my phone, and I had some pictures of me that I don't want the world to see.  I'm thinking if it ever came out, I'm devastated.  It's not an explicit tape, but it's still..."

Over the weekend the worst case scenario came to pass, with some of the photos of Trina surfacing on various internet sites.  Trina  reports that she is say the least.

See our photo gallery below and hear what she had to say to MTV below:

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She is looking stunning in these pics never seen Trina look better


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