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No Money for Anna Nicole Smith Estate, Dannielynn Birkhead Loses Inheritance (PHOTOS)

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When J. Howard Marshall passed away, his wife Anna Nicole expected to inherit his fortune.  However, Marshall's family had a different opinion.  After only 14 months of marriage, they did not believe that Anna was entitled to the inheritance.

A long court battle followed and 15 years later a resolution has finally been handed down by a federal appellate court panel in favor of the Marshall family.  Although it initially appeared that Anna would receive a great deal of the fortune, the latest ruling states otherwise.

A federal appeals court has ruled that Anna Nicole's estate will not receive any of Marshall's money.  Anna Nicole's sole beneficiary is her 3-year-old daughter Dannielynn Birkhead, who lives with her father Larry Birkhead.   Anna's son Daniel Wayne Smith died in his mother's hospital room shortly after the birth of his sister.

The courts have paved the way for the Marshall family to lay claim to the entire fortune.  E. Pierce Marshall, who was instrumental in bringing the litigation, died in 2006 at the age of 67 of an aggressive infection.  His widow, Elaine T. Marshall, now represents the estate.

So Nicole's deceased husband's money will go to his daughter-in-law rather than his deceased wife's estate.   Did Dannielynn get robbed of her rightful inheritance?  Let us know what you think.

See more photos below:

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I have seen alot of anna nicole on tv and her movies... I think that she was funny, weird, stuiped, corky and she may have lost her self in fame and money and what not also from ppl giving her things cuz of the way she looks, yes she may of known how to get what she wants out of ppl cuz of the way ppl made her feel about her looks making her think that she can use that to her advantage.... but who dont when ppl give that kinda power to a person... I love anna nicole's movies and her tv show, she always made me laugh... LOL I thought that her dumness was funny and that it was just plan old dum but it was also kinda sexy at the same time coming from her... Yes her relastionship with her husband howard marshall may of been weired to others, but alot of ppl always says age dont matter its who you love and how they make you feel... She made him happy in his own way and in many other ways and in return he made her happy by buying her things and giving her money, and positive attention and love and trust and what not... He married her for a reason, it wasnt all just her you know... It takes two get married and have kids and what not... She may not have had any kids with him but they did plan it before he took sick... I think that anna should of at least gotten some of the money weather its 10,000,000 million or less or more, the fact of the matter is, is that he married her for some reason that prolly was to have her be always taken care of cuz of what she did for him by making him happy in different ways... Alot of ppl have different relationships with ppl even if it looks weired to us but to them its all normal... so who are we to jugde... Also it was Howards money not his kids or wifes or who ever if he wanted to leave it to her then that should of been his choice... Just cuz he had kids dont always mean that the money automaticly goes to the blood related family... Just cuz you ant a blood related person to the other person dont mean that its not family, ppl build there own family all the time and its not always blood related, sum times blood related family ant want you want in the kinda family your looking for, thats prolly why most ppl move far away from there parents and siblings...besides they have over a billion dollars to there estate im sure that they could of just giving her some thing for making Howard happy.... Well i could say more but i think that this says it all... LOL


Dannielynn should have no problem earning money. Each time her father puts her on the cover of a magazine he collects huge amounts of money.


Obviously she knew how to use men fr what they could provide her with. For example, she used Larry Birkhead as a sperm donor with no intent on letting him know that he had a daughter.
This said, the late Marshall looked happy with her and she spent a significant part of her time with him. The court could have paid her estate for the time she spent at his side.


Anna was an will be remembered as a beautiful women and her daughter should have received the estate money. He married her and wished to always take care of her. R.I.P.


Can't presume what her relationship was but the WILL of her husband was that his son receive his assets. Her husband left her out of the will which is why she lost. Wills need to be upheld even when a celebrity doesn't like it.


You can't presume to know what her relationship was with her husband. Her husband left her the money and she should have gotten it. That's what WILLS are for. It was her husbands "will" that she get the money.


Even in death Anna was a loser. Karma is a bitch!


hell no she didn't "get robbed" ANS was nothing but a gold digger who married the old guy simply to get access to his money. I'm glad the courts were able to see through the sham and rule in favor of the family.