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Vivid Entertainment Offers Octomom Film Deal

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nadya suleman has xxx rated offer

Vivid Entertainment is willing to save Nadya Suleman's home from going into foreclosure...for a price.  Octomom would have to star in an XXX film for the porn company.

Steven Hirsch, president of Vivid, heard about Suleman's looming foreclosure troubles and promptly fired off a letter to her.  The document states that if the mother of 14 is willing to "get down and dirty" for a film, they will pay off the remaining mortgage on her home, a sum of nearly $460,000.

Hirsch carefully crafted the letter in an effort to make Nadya feel safe, assuring her that they have "extensive experience in working with beautiful and sexy women."

Nadya has until the end of the business day tomorrow to come up with a balloon payment for the total  mortgage amount to Amer Haddadin, the owner of the home.  If she is unable to raise the cash or secure other financing, he will start foreclosure proceedings.

We don't think Octo will subject herself or her children to the XXX  film world.  Social services is already watching her like a hawk.

Family photos and bikini pics here.

More photos below:

Photo:  WENN

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Too bad she tried to cash in like the Gosselins but failed. The Witch is Queen (Kate) for getting money from the simple minded people who think she is soooo woinderful. Try living near her, you will change your mind very very quickly.


Really now...who would pay to see her abused body? 14 kids? come on don't make me puke! gagg!! urrrp pltttac