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Marie Osmond to Remarry First Husband Stephen Craig

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marie osmond and stephen craig photo

Lately things have been difficult for the Osmond family, particularly Marie Osmond.  The cancellation of her Vegas shows following the death of her son signaled that the singer was grief stricken and needed a break.  Well it looks like Marie has found a shoulder to cry on.

Rumor has it that the mother of eight has rekindled her love with first husband Stephen Craig and they are planning to remarry.  Apparently Stephen was Marie's "rock" during the recent passing of her son Michael and helped her to cope with the sudden tragedy.

Osmond wed the former Brigham Young University star basketball player in 1982 and remained married for 3 years.  They have a 26-year-old son Stephen James Craig.  Marie later wed Brian Blosil in a union that spanned 1986- 2007.  View family photos here.

According to people close to the situation, Steve and Marie were just too young when they originally married but have never stopped loving each other.  It looks like these two love birds are going to try it again.  Marie deserves to be happy after all she's been through, and we wish her the best of luck.

More photos below:

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Steve Craig never remarried that is about all I know would love to learn more.


What I'd LOVE to know is what has Stephen been doing in the ensuing years since their divorce. Everytime this story is reported we hear about Marie's marriage and kids. Has Stephen been married and does HE have other kids? What's HIS story?


Hey Marie Osmond yes this is Romie Terrazas from
El Paso, Texas. I just wanted to tell you that I wish you
the best of luck with your Stephen Craig and that your
Family will be very happy. Also that you and Stephen
Craig will have more Years To Come. Because the
Second Time Around Is Always The Very Best Of A
Beautiful Marriage Made In Heaven By God And The
Lord Jesus Christ Whatching You Both Alawys !!!!!
Love Me For A Reason And Peace And Also Having A
Party By The Osmonds. I Wish You A Happy Merry
Christmas And A Happy New Prosperous New Year Of
2011 For All Of Us. With All My Love Romie Terrazas.