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Susan Boyle Buys New Home (PHOTOS)

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susan boyle trades old house for new home

Singing sensation and Britain's Got Talent runner-up Susan Boyle has put some of her earning to good use.  She bought a new home in Scottish Blackburn, shelling out $447,000.  She previously lived in public housing, as seen in comparison photos above.

The five bedroom, three bathroom riverside property, with separate garage, will give her more privacy in West Lothian.

The new real estate will be her first major purchase since receiving a $6 million royalty check from "I Dreamed A Dream".  The singer has sold 8 million albums thus far.

Boyle will turn 49 on April 1st.  She'll spend her birthday performing in Tokyo and then it is on to Australia.

Another singer celebrating a birthday is Lady Gaga - pics here.

More photos in our gallery below:

Photos:  WENN


Good luck Susan. I wish I could have helped you pick out a house it would have been a royal estate fit for a Queen. Which yu deserve. blessings on you always. May God hold you in the palm of his hand. May you find your Knight in shining armor. We love you. Janey.


That is so nice. Good for her and god bless her. You notice how she didn't act stupid and go out and blows half of her money on a mansion.


You go, Susan! Now find your dream man and live a blessed life!


Good for you, Susan! You ARE a dream and deserve your new life!