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Biggest Loser Season 9 WINNER Michael Ventrella (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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michael ventrella winner season 9 biggest loser

Tuesday night was the final weigh-in for the contestants of The Biggest Loser: Couples 3.  Season 9 on the NBC hit reality show featured 22 contestants who arrived at the finale on May 25, 2010 to vie for $100,000 and $250,000.

Nineteen of the contests were eligible to win the $100k, including Koli Palu, who was not voted into the final spot in the $250k competition.  As it turns out, he did win the $100,000 prize.  His starting weight was 403.  He lost 215 pounds and now weights 188 (53.35 percent).  Show host Allison Sweeney asked him how he felt.  He replied, "I just want to go home now with my family."

Shay Sorrells, who competed in Biggest Loser: Second Changes during Season 8, weighed in one last time to see how much money she would be paid by Subway.  The corporate giant has featured Sorrells in their latest advertising campaign and agreed to pay her $1,000 for every additional pound she was able to lose after last season's finale.  She got on the scale and lost an additional 52 pounds.  Her weight at the Season 8 Finale was 304 and she now weighs 252.

Shay will receive $52,000 from Subway, and they gave her an opportunity to double that amount if she is willing to train for, and run in a marathon by the end of the year.

Vying for the grand prize and the Season 9 Biggest Loser title were Ashley Johnston, Michael Ventrella, and Daris George, who found out during the finale that he was voted in by viewers as the third contestant vying for the title.

Daris started out at 346 and now weights 178 for a weight loss of 168 pounds (48.55 percent).  Ashley weighed second.  She started at 374 and now weighs 191 for a total weight loss of 183 pounds (48.9 percent).  Michael weighed last.  His starting weight was 526 and he now weighs 262 for a total weight loss of 264 pounds (50.19 percent) - beating the Season 8 record set by Danny Cahill, who lost 239 pounds.

The Biggest Loser Couple 3 winner is Michael Ventrella, 30, of Chicago, Illinois.

An interesting point of fact - Koli Palu had the highest percentage of weight loss and would have won the entire competition if he had won the vote over Daris to get into the Top 3.  The same thing happened during Season 6 when Heba Salama found out at the finale that she wasn't voted up - and won the lesser prize, but would have beat out the entire field if she had landed in the Top 3.

More photos and before and after makeover video.  Michael also appeared Wednesday morning on The Today Show - check it out below:

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Photos:  WENN, PicApp, Biggest Loser promo pics

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i disagreed about the voting why daris got the 3rd place while he got +2 during actual weigh,i vote KOLI as a number 3 in season 9 2010


If memory serves Daris was screwed out of $100,000 as he would have won the at home prize and Koli was screwed outbid $150,000 since he could have won the whole thing. Funny that America voted in Datis and ended up costing him the dough.


It is fair that Michel won. He lost the most weight! He lost 264 pounds. Koli only lost 215.
So that makes your argument moot.


Don't think it's fair that Michel won over Koli. Mike did not lose the most % of weght. Won't be watching any more if you are the biggest lose than you are the biggest loser and that was Koli. Sorry you are wrong need to review and revise those rules. Koli is the winner.