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by Andrea at . Comments
lenny kravitz church choir

Lenny Kravitz surprised a Texas church choir by joining them in an impromptu performance of his song "Fly Away" in New Orleans.

Kravitz was "sitting up on a terrace having a drink" when he "heard some strange music" and started walking toward the source. The Voice of Praise choir from the First Baptist Church in Lewisville, TX, was in New Orleans on a mission trip performing the song, and Kravitz joined them on drums before being coaxed to sing for the growing crowd.

Thanks for keeping it real Lenny.  Very cool!

Watch video below:

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by Danni at . Comments

Britney Spears is making headlines again and it is not pretty.  The drama with her former bodyguard continues as he has now brought to the table allegations of child abuse.  Fernando Flores claims that Britney is not stable enough to take care of her boys.

According to Flores, Jayden James and Sean Preston are in danger.  The disgruntled former employee claims that she beat her children with a belt, and gave them food that made them violently ill due to allergies.

Social workers are investigating the accusations.  Britney's camp has shot down the allegations, claiming Britney has never and would never neglect or abuse her children.

Britney has more than child abuse claims coming from this particular former bodyguard.  He also claims sexual harassment.

It's interesting that the bodyguard witnessed this but did nothing until now.  Wouldn't he also be held responsible for not speaking up? Just a thought.

See video below:

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by Meg at . Comments
paris hilton baggage

Paris Hilton was all packed and ready to head to The World Cup in South Africa in a private jet early this morning when this 'twitpic' was taken for posterity.  We've always known that this girl has got lots of baggage and now there is proof.

If our count is accurate, there are 15 Louis Vuitton trunks and satchels just brimming with all of the things that a girl is likely to need when she is on an international soccer vacation.

Hilton took to her Twitter page to gush about all of the beautiful things that she and sister Nicky Hilton bought for the trip at their favorite Hollywood shopping haunts: Chanel, Mac and Intermix.

Bon Voyage!

by Andrea at . Comments
zoe saldana keith britton engaged

Avatar's Zoe Saldana and her boyfriend of 10 years, Keith Britton, are engaged.

Saldana, 32, has kept her relationship with the 33-year-old actor and My Fashion Database CEO quiet, prefering not to go public with her personal life.

"She doesn’t even introduce him as her fiancé," an insider tells Us Weekly. "She will just say, 'This is Keith.' She likes to keep her personal life to herself and wants people to focus on her as an actress."

The wedding date has not been set.

photo: PNP/WENN

by Meg at . Comments
randall cunningham and young christian fall 2009

Randall Cunningham and Christian Cunningham

Former NFL quarterback Randall Cunningham was not at his Las Vegas home when 2-year-old son Christian Cunningham was discovered lifeless in a hot tub on the family property, at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 29.

According to police, the child was found floating in the outdoor heated spa tub.  The boy's mother reportedly performed CPR until paramedics arrived.  They took the boy to St. Rose Dominican Hospital where he was pronounced dead.  He would have turned 3 in December.

Metro Lt. Dennis Flynn said, "It appears that it's just a complete tragedy.  It only takes a brief minute for someone to take their eye off the child."  As a formality, detective with the Abuse and Neglect detail were on the scene to determine whether it was anything more than a tragic accident.

Cunningham played for the Philadelphia Eagles for eleven season as QB and punter.  He went on to play with the Minnesota Vikings, the Dallas Cowboys and the Baltimore Ravens.  He played a total of 16 season in the NFL and was in four Pro Bowls.  He retired at the end of the 2001 season.

In 2005 Cunningham received his college degree after a 20-year hiatus, and walked in the graduation ceremony at UNLV in order to show his children the importance of finishing their goals.  He abandoned his college studies after his junior year in 1985 and was drafted in the second round by the Eagles.

The former NFL player is currently the offensive coordinator at Silverado High School, where he is coaching the varsity football team.  His son, Randall Cunningham II, is the freshman quarterback for the Skyhawks.  He is also a pastor of Remnant Ministries and performs baptisms in the hot tub where the accident occurred.

On September 28, 2009, Randall Cunningham was honored at half-time during an Eagles game.  He was part of a Ring of Honor ceremony, his induction into the Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame.  He carried his young son Christian in his arms throughout his speech.

More photos and video of Randall and his son Christian below:

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by Meg at . Comments
full wenn5506983

Larry King has announced that he will be leaving his CNN prime-time program this fall after 25-years at the helm.  Saddled with a troubled marriage, and not getting any younger, his words - not ours, the 76-year-old is hanging it up.

He said, "The daily grind is tough.  And there are aspects of it, you know, when you've got to do tabloid shows, which is the nature of the business, you've got to do the girl that's missing in Aruba.  It's hard to make the case that that is major news, but that's what news is today.  And my curiosity runs to that, but not nightly."

CNN has slipped significantly in the ratings this year and the Larry King Live program is down 40% from the same period last year.  King wants viewers to know that he was not fired.  He said, "I swear to God, they never pressured me."

King has signed a new deal to host occasional specials for the cable news channel.

Hear it straight from Larry's lips on the video below:

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by Missy at . Comments

Last week Black Eyed Peas member was robbed.  The singer's Bentley was parked in the Hollywood Hills when somebody broke into the car and took off with over $10,000 worth of the musicians jewels and other personal property.

Police are reporting that one of the items stolen was Will's iPad.  The savvy entertainer just so happened to have a tracking device on the personal computer.  In a very smooth move, he was able to locate the whereabouts of the computer and he promptly contacted police with the physical address of his belongings.

Law enforcement got right on it and they were able to recover most of the stolen items.  However, they have yet to nab the thief but are reportedly hot on his trail and believe they are very close.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/PicApp

by Danni at . Comments
kim gets all dotted up for wax likeness

Kim Kardashian will soon be immortalized in wax.  Her likeness is scheduled to be displayed at Madame Tussands New York.  The reality TV star took to her blog to tell her fans all about it:  "I am getting my own wax figure at Madame Tussauds in NYC!!!! This is one of the greatest honors ever and I am so thrilled and excited. Now I will never have to leave NYC… I’ve officially gone bi-coastal! LOL."

Kim K had been sending out clues that led up to her big announcement on Twitter:  "Hmm… why would I be getting measured… Curiosity? Dress fitting? Can you guess?"

The above photo shows Kardashian with what appears to be chicken pox but it was actually part of the measuring process.  We certainly hope they have a little extra wax for her infamous backside!

Madame Tussauds wax museums are located in London, New York, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Hollywood, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Berlin, Shanghai and Hong Kong.  Other celebs recently cast in wax include: First Lady Michelle Obama, popstar Britney Spears, boy group The Jonas Brothers, and former American Idol Carrie Underwood.


See more photos below:

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by Andrea at . Comments
anna chapman facebook photos

Anya "Anna" Chapman, a sexy 28-year-old red-headed beauty, was among a ring of 11 Russian spies arrested and charged with conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government, and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

No low-profile operative, Chapman, who has a masters degree in economics, an online real-estate business and an apartment in the Financial District, courted the limelight, attending high-profile parties around Manhattan.

At her arraignment last night in Manhattan federal court, she was held without bail as a federal prosecutor called her a "highly trained agent" and a "practiced deceiver."

Chapman was photographed partying at trendy events, and posted risque photos on her Facebook page.

A senior Russian spy who used the name Christopher Metsos served as a go-between for agents across the country, and was arrested this morning trying to board a plane in Cyprus.

The other suspects, including four middle-aged couples living seemingly ordinary professional lives, were supplied with bogus names and documents and told by Moscow to become "Americanized," infiltrate "policy-making circles" in the United States and send secrets back to the Kremlin, the feds said.

Neighbors of the suspects were stunned.

View photos and video of Anna Chapman:

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by Meg at . Comments
snakeskin leather hotpants for lindsay

Lindsay Lohan has been rocking some new snakeskin leather short-shorts and she must really like them because she was photographed wearing them on June 26th and again on June 28th.

The latest hotpants sighting was last night when she made a quick trip to Rite Aid Drug Store in Hollywood.  She paired it with a Harley t-shirt and brown leather knee length boots.

Something else we've notice and maybe we're just seeing things but it looks like LiLo's lips are fuller than usual.  Perhaps she lined them for maximum effect, but compared to other recent photographs, her lips definitely look plumper.

Last summer she was sporting the same mega-beestung look.  We've included several comparison picture panel in the gallery.  Let us know what you think.  Hot lips?

We've also included a stripper pole photo shoot that Lindsay participated in this week.  Check it out on video below:

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