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by Andrea at . Comments
natash alam playboy

"True Blood" actress Natasha Alam graces the cover of the July 2010 issue of Playboy magazine.

The 5' 10" Russian-born actress is no stranger to modeling.  Moving to Moscow to model for Red Stars model management, Natasha was later scouted by International Model Management, sending her to Rome, Paris, Milan and London to model for Gucci, Versace, John Galiano, Rocco Barrocco, Christian Dior and other top designers.

In 1998 she married Amir Ebrahim Pahlavi Alam, the grandson of the former Shah of Iran.  The couple moved to London where Natasha studied acting, landing her first acting job on the TV show "Fastlane" in 2002.

Natasha and Amir divorced in 2005, and Natasha set her sights on Hollywood.  Currently living in Los Angeles, she recently gave birth to her first child.

Of her Playboy shoot, Alam says, “When we shot it, I just had a baby. I actually am about 10 pounds overweight in that scene, but I love my before, so I was really, really worried… Alexander helped me so much – he just walked in the room, dropped his robe and he was all out there, no sock, nothing and I was like, ‘Oh, OK… I can do it too.’”

“I wanted to be in Playboy since… As an actress, it was my dream. My publicist called and (asked) if (I wanted) do it and she was like, ‘I don’t know if we should do it,’ and I was like, ‘Yes!’ I love it.”

See photos below:

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by Missy at . Comments

Music icon Madonna is wearing many hats these days and from all appearances, she isn't slowing down anytime soon.  Madge has been on the set of her latest movie project "W.E.",  which she co-wrote and is directing.

In the May issue of Interview magazine, Madge spoke about her film and the many misconceptions that have been reported.  The star began writing the movie two-and-a-half years ago, right  after she finished up with "Filth and Wisdom",  her 2008 directorial debut.  Madonna actually wanted to do "W.E." before "Filth and Wisdom" but she felt she had no business working on a large scale project before she completed a smaller film.

The Material Girl has put her music career on hold, admitting that she doesn't even have a record deal with anyone at this time.   The hands-on mother of four revealed that directing this movie is all she can handle right now.

The romantic comedy currently being filmed in France, will detail the true story of the affair between King Edward VIII and American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

Check out the photo gallery below:

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Photo Credit: Zumapress

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crash at x games 16 paris rosen

Motocross rider Paris Rosen was executing a Front Flip in the Moto X Best Trick competition at the X Games 16 at Staples Center, L.A. Memorial Coliseum on Friday July 30, 2010 when he suffered a crash.

Rosen landed hard on his back and lay motionless for several minutes.  He was taken to an area hospital for X-rays.  His manager Lucas Mirtl said, "I'm sure he's going to be fine."

The 29-year-old is from Apple Valley, Minnesota and was making his second X Games appearance when he was sidelined by the accident.

The event Gold medal winner was Cam Sinclair with 94.33.  He had this to say about his fellow competitor's crash: "I guess it was a mistake.  I made a mistake last year in Spain as well.... Mistakes can happen quite easily."  See his crash video here.

Check out more photos and video of Rosen's crash below, with follow up slow motion footage:

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snooki collage of public drunkenness

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi of Jersey Shore was arrested shortly after 3:00 p.m. by Seaside Heights, New Jersey police for acting in a disorderly manner while on the beach near the boardwalk.

Witnesses reported seeing the 22-year-old actress drinking Coke out of a beer bong and taking body shots at a bar on Friday while being filmed by MTV.  Snooki was also captured on video attempting to ride a bicycle when she fell face first onto the pavement.  It wasn't long before she was taken into custody - see video footage below.

It has been an interesting week for Snooki.  MTV proclaims that Wednesday was International Snooki Day.  On Thursday President Barack Obama failed a pop culture question on The View when he didn't have a clue about Snooki.

Ironically, just an hour before her arrest,  Nicole Polizzi 'tweeted': "@whitehouse President to tan in the rose garden ... I'll teach you how to fits (sic) pump!"

According to Chief of Police Thomas J. Boyd, she was not given a blood alcohol test at the jail facility because she was not driving at the time of her arrest.  Snooki was issued a court summons and has been released from police custody.  She has been assigned a court date and will have to stand before a judge, who will assess a fine.

Season 2 of Jersey Shore premiered last night with 5.3 million people tuning in - MTV's second biggest premiere of all time.

No addition 'tweets' from Snooki have been forthcoming.  Perhaps she's sleeping it off.  Stay tuned...

Check out the enlarged photos and the video clip below:

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by Missy at . Comments

Rosie O'Donnell, former co-host of The View, addressed President Barack Obama's decision to appear on the daytime talk show, during her Sirius XM radio show.

"I have mixed feelings about that (Obama's appearance.)  I don't really think that sitting President's should go do fluffy daytime TV shows.  Maybe an hour on Oprah or something.  I don't really want to see him on The View, although I am happy for them (co-hosts).  That's a good booking...."

When the President was asked why he chose to be a guest on the ladies panel, he said, "Look, I was trying to find a show that Michelle actually watched, and so I thought this is it, right here.  All those new shows, she's like, eh, let me get the clicker."

O'Donnell made a very big exit from The View back in 2006 after a series of nasty head-butting sessions with Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

Check out Obama's interview with the ladies here.

For a walk down memory lane, we've included the O'Donnell vs Hasselbeck feud video:

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montana fishburne photo

Actor Laurence Fishburne's 19-year-old daughter Montana Fishburne has decided to begin a career.  Taking things into her own hands, the young lady has decided that the adult entertainment industry is the perfect place to start.

With a famous actor in the house, it would seem logical that he could introduce her to a few of the right people and help her get her foot in the door.  Montana apparently has decided to do it in her own way.

Our friends at TMZ managed to get this response from Montana:  "I've watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think it was due to the release of her sex tape."  Obviously Fishburne has not discussed this theory with any sane person.

It helped Kim out greatly that she was already well known.  If you start as a porn star, that is just what you are.  Kim doesn't flaunt her porn.  Most successful women "leak" it and then pretend it was not meant for our viewing.  The ploy works because everybody wants to see what they can't.

More family photos below:

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ellen quits kara dioguardi fired

Ellen DeGeneres used her Twitter page to make an interesting announcement last night.  She 'tweeted': Dim the lights...I've voted myself off American Idol."  She included a link to her day-time talk show website that provides further explanation.

The comedian said: "A couple months ago, I let FOX and the "American Idol" producers know that this didn't feel like the right fit for me.  I realized that it was hard for me to judge people and sometimes hurt their feelings."

Along with this news comes word that judge Kara DioGuardi has been given the boot.  She was already on shaky ground two seasons back but reportedly secured her spot last season by agreeing to rock a bikini during the Season 8 finale.

According to our friends at TMZ, the show will go back to a three-judge panel.  Joining mainstay Randy Jackson will be .... Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

With the first auditions just one month away, FOX is expected to make an official announcement soon.  We find it interesting that the American Idol FOX listing on Wikipedia has already been updated with the new Season 10 judges names - check out the screenshot below.

The hit reality show Dancing with the Stars gained momentum and even pulled ahead of AI in the viewership race several weeks running -- much to the delight of ABC.  There was something for everyone with the likes of Pamela Anderson, Kate Gosselin, and Erin Andrews .  With a lineup like that -- who could resist?  We can't wait for the network to reveal the next celebrity cast.

More photos below:

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by Danni at . Comments

Dina Lohan wants to set the record straight on how her daughter is being treated in jail.  “She’s treated like a common criminal", said Momma Lohan to radaronline.  According to the Lohan matriarch, Lilo is not getting any special treatment.

Rumors have been circulating that Lindsay has been able to use a cell phone during her incarceration.  Dina denies these claims:  “She doesn’t have cell phone privileges, that’s absurd. She doesn’t even have a pillow to sleep on."

Things aren't all bad for the young actress.  According to mom: "The people inside have been pretty cool to her…the guards and the inmates.”

Lindsay isn't expected to do much more jail time and Dina is thrilled:  “We’re all so happy that this is finally coming to a close.  When this first happened we were all hysterical messes."

Dina considers the punishment harsh but is proud of how her daughter has handled the situation thus far.  After her jail stay Lindsay is definitely not off the hook -- she still has to complete inpatient rehab.

Lindsay has served nine days at the Lynwood Correctional Center and received a visit from Dina and Ali Lohan, gal pal Samantha Ronson, and a one hour session with her lawyer Shawn Coleman Holley.  According to the legal eagle, it looks like Sunday will be release day for her client.

See pictures from the visit below:

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mark wahlberg walk of fame pic 11

Talented actor Mark Wahlberg was given his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today ... and rightfully so.  Over the years Wahlberg has become a triple threat in Hollywood, mastering the art of modeling, music and acting.

Will Ferrell, who co-stars with Wahlberg in the upcoming comedy "The Other Guys", had the honor of introducing Marky Mark and couldn't resist being funny: "I first became a fan of his from his workout videos, and I loved him in the Bourne movies."

The Entourage producer was thrilled at the accomplishment.  In his speech he reminisced about his past careers and gave a special thank you to "all the people gutsy enough to put me in movies."

Rapping and modeling led to fame, but we certainly hope he continues to make movies.  Congrats Mark!

More photos and video of the big day below:

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