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Pamela Anderson "Sexist" PETA Ad Banned in Montreal (PHOTO)

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pamela anderson peta ad

Actress Pamela Anderson's latest ad campaign for PETA isn't being perceived as the animal rights activist group expected.  The blonde bombshell flew to Montreal for the unveiling of the vegetarian campaign, only to be denied a permit for the event.  In an eleventh hour decision, city officials rejected the request because they have determined that the PETA ad is "sexist".

Pamela promptly issued this statement:  "In a city that is known for exotic dancing and for being progressive and edgy, how sad that a woman would be banned for using her own body in a political protest over the suffering of cows and chickens.  In some parts of the world, women are forced to cover their whole bodies with burqas - is that next?  I didn't think Canada would be so puritanical."

PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews suggests that Montreal city officials are confusing "sexy with sexist."

The ad depicts what a butcher would see when he looks at the carcass of a dead cow or chicken.  The campaign reads:  All Animals Have the Same Parts.  Have a Heart - Go Vegetarian.

What do you the ad sexist?

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It's okay with me. I think there are many ways to bring attention to the horrifying reality of the meat business, & I am not saying this is the perfect way, but I am totally on the side of PETA and Pamela Anderson who is an angel & HUGE and SERIOUS leader in the fight for the liberation of animals.


are all animals so heavily photoshopped too?


Steve you are so right they are hypocrites! They demand we betray our natural instincts and not eat meat, but if you surrenderer a pet to their HQ because you can no longer take care of it. They kill it. Even their beloved leader Ingrid has said "Sometimes the kindest thing you can do to an animals is put it to sleep forever" I'd rather take my pet to a no kill shelter than PETA any day.


Peta doesn't care about whether their ads get seen or not. All they care about is controversy. That's why they pull stunts like this. The ad isn't sexist, but I still applaud Montreal for not allowing it. Peta is a hypocritical organization.