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Drew Carey Weight Loss: Before and After PHOTOS

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drew carey weight loss before and after photos

Game show host Drew Carey has lost a tremendous amount of weight in the past six months.  The Price Is Right emcee appeared yesterday at the CBS Television Critics Association Party and showed off his new slimmer self.

The comedian has shed an amazing 80 pounds.  Several of the after photos in our gallery show him shopping for a new wardrobe -- and understandably so.

Carey's dramatic transformation is very similar to that of comedic actor John Goodman.  Check out his startling weight loss photos here.

More Drew Carey then and now pictures below:

Photos:  WENN, PicApp


"I Love Drew Carey" since his show aired in 1995 I didn't mind him with the weight I didn't care if he was heavy or now that he lost the weight (as long as he doesn't lose too much weight). I just hope he did it for himself and not for his fiancé because if his fiancé didn't want to marry him because he was big then she don't deserve him and he deserves better I would of married him just the way he was and that's the truth.


@Kylee THIN doesn't necessarily mean healthy, and the skinny Carey looks sickly not healthy. I guess it doesn't matter as long as HE is happy.


i love drew carey, glad he got healthy! w2g!