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Michelle Duggar: Josie Duggar Update (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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michelle duggar and her family on the today show aug 3 2010

Michelle Duggar and her family appeared this morning on the Today Show.   The Arkansas mother of 19 children talked to Meredith Vieira about her eight-month-old baby Josie Duggar, who was born a micro-preemie in mid-December, and has spent all but one month in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Little Rock.

The pregnancy became life threatening for Michelle when she developed preeclampsia following a serious gallstone attack.  Doctors delivered the 25-week-old fetus after they were unable to control Michelle's sky rocketing blood pressure, a condition that became life threatening for both mother and child.

Many assumed that the ordeal, which had the family living in temporary housing for nearly six months, would signal the end of Michelle's child bearing years.  Not so.  Jim Bob and Michelle told Meredith that they are comfortable leaving it in the hands of God.

The possibility of 20 Kids and Counting as a sequel to their current reality show is not out of the question according to the couple.

Josie weighed just 1 pound 6 ounces when she was delivered four months early.  She suffered a perforated bowel one week after her birth, is lactose intolerant and is still on supplemental oxygen when she is sleeping.

The positive news is that Josie now weighs 11 pounds and is thriving since joining her family at their Tontitown home last month.  According to her father, Jim Bob Duggar, their little girl will catch up developmentally by the time she is two.

Check out more family photos and the interview video below:

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While i admire the duggar's and find them refreshing i have to wonder at the wisdom of a few thing's they do. My question is if michelle duggar were truely trusting God for the size of her family wouldn't she become pregnant..deliver child and then nurse baby until longer than 6 mo? Really become aquainted with little one and enjoy him/her and then should she become pregnant while in process of nursing and enjoying this new life..that's great! But to pass of child to older sister at 6 mo. so AS TO BECOME PREGNANT is taking the size of family into their own hand's. Also i think it's great older sister's help out..but if it's true these sister's have taken on the entire responsibility of raising, potty training, feeding, laundry,packing for entire family on trip's, getting up with babies in middle of night, teaching..then hey guy's..something just doesn't feel right. God tell's us not to anger our children..meaning don't heap too much on reasonable.The oldest girl is now 20 and should be encouraged to go to school..this is when parent's should let go..they also need to allow child to make their own mistakes(shudder) but it's time these girl's started thinking for themselves..michelle maybe is taking her vision and making it the girl's vision. If michelle duggar is so dependant on her household being run by daughter's..where will it all end? Will her daughter's still be helping when they are 30?


I also heard that Michelle is expecting again. Wouldn't ya think that they would cool it for awhile!!!


I heard that baby # 20 is already on it's way, and the family was keeping it a tightly guarded secret because of some " hate mail and threats, " they had received.
If this is true, why would Michelle put herself through that again? Or her family? You would think that the last several months would have been enough turmoil to have ended the pregnancy "habit."
It is obvious they love the children, but the oldest children are nothing but baby-sitters and house-keepers now. I feel so sorry for them. Please, let's hope this rumor is just that.
A very BAD rumor!!