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Leonardo DiCaprio to Testify Against Slasher Aretha Wilson (PHOTOS)

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In 2005 actor Leonardo DiCaprio was involved in an incident at a party where a guest, Aretha Wilson, slashed him in the face with a glass and then fled the country to avoid prosecution.  She has since been arrested and brought back to California to stand trial and her celebrity victim plans to be in the courtroom.

Last week the slasher, a 40-year-old ex model, was extradited from Canada back to the U.S.  She has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and is currently being held on $150,000 bail.  Wilson made a brief appearance before a judge in court yesterday.

Clearly wanting to make sure that the slasher pays for what she did to him, DiCaprio will be in the courtroom when the case goes to trial and is willing to take the stand.

The actor was attacked five years ago at a Hollywood Hills party at the home of Rick Salomon.  DiCaprio received 17 stitches on his cheek and ear to repair the gaping facial wound.

Check out photos of Leo after having his face slashed and also a pic of the slasher:

Top Photo Credit: Rueters/PicApp

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According to a police report, it was a case of mistaken identity as Wilson allegedly confused DiCaprio with a scorned ex-boyfriend (uhhhh...yeah...anyone would believe that...right?) (She also tried to say it was by accident...let's leave the lying to those who at least have the brains to do it convincingly...shall we?). The alleged attack happened in 2005, but Wilson avoided facing charges because she fled to Canada (Can you say, "Obviously guilty"?). The prosecutor said Wilson was on probation for a previous offence in Canada at the time of the attack. She ended up doing a plea bargain for just two years. Just two years for nearly ruining a face worth millions of dollars and nearly ruining the livelihood and the life of a person who was just attending a party as an invited guest... The original story was that she made offensive remarks and when DiCaprio and his buddies replied - verbally - she attacked - physically. It is all too common that those people will bait whites with taunts and if they "dare" to reply to those taunts, retaliation comes in the form of savage, physical violence which goes way above and beyond whatever was exchanged verbally. It's very common. So to sum it up - on the one hand, an exchange of words, on the other hand, brutal savagery akin to what you might find in the jungle...


I feel compelled to post because of the very awful racist comments of Thomas. I am a white woman and I entirely disagree with what you are saying, Thomas - and I think there are many white people out there in the world who think what you are saying is despicable and completely, as well as ethically, wrong. Period. This is about human behavior, not human skin color. April is right. You can reply to this and you'll probably say more unjust things. Unfortunately this is the world we live in. But there will always be the alternative of acceptance, understanding and empathy which is available to all of us at any time.


First off, I want to comment on how civilized the dialog is here. Look at who has commented so far and how carefully they are expressing themselves. Food for thought. As for "those people", it would be interesting to see the stats on the violent crimes commited in the US and the circumstances in which they occured...and who was involved (aggressors and victims). Many people who read this know just what I mean, but to say it is "politically incorrect". Political correctness is one on the most ingenious tactics for silencing free speech and the political opposition that has ever been conceived. Who knows, I might just take up the banjo, especially for my next trip to Oakland...they say music calms the savage beast...


In ancient Rome they blamed actors for being low class and they did not want to associate with them. But, I seriously doubt Leo was doing any thing to give that nut job a reason to slash his face. And it doesn't matter what he did short of trying to rape or murder her she doesn't have the right to go slashing anyone (PERIOD).. So yeah it tends to make one want to say oh look there is another one who gott mad and lost her temper and needs to be sent away for a very long time. Hel she even ran to Cannada to get away. I say let the rot.


Thomsa Spengler u are a loon pure and simple - an idiot. So only people who look like her should be expected to act a certain way. Fact is you don't even know what happened none of us where there only she,Leo and the group that was there know what happened.
So if people that look like Leo commit crimes does the logic work that way too or only on the people who were kept down so long should be persecuted to the full extent of the law. Put your banjo down and realize that not only one group of people in the US create problems. I guess you think she and her people should thank you and your people for the rights they have so graciously been given not fought for. What a poopy head you are. Go ask God for some grace and wisdom cause clearly you're a fool.


What else would you expect from one of them (the attacker)? They don't belong in civilized society. They are vicious and primitive and psychopathic. The attack was motivated by pure hatred and should be prosecuted as a hate crime (black on white plus the remark about homosexuals this "person" used before attacking ). It's clearly hate and envy. If these people can't act in a civilized manner then they need to be prosecuted to the maximum and put away from mainstream society. There's a reason why they were "kept down" for so long. Now they have all the rights in the world and look at what they do with those rights and how they degenerate our culture.