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Whoopi Goldberg's Mom Died: Teacher Emma Johnson (PHOTOS)

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new season premiere of the view whoopi announces her mother died

During the season premiere of The View this morning, host Whoopi Goldberg announced that her mother Emma Johnson died of a stroke on August 29.

Goldberg rushed back to the U.S. from London, where she had been living this summer while performing in a stage production of Sister Act. She left the show on Friday and her mother passed two days later.

Whoopi talked about her mother, who earned a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education at NYU.  She described her mother as "one of the great women and one of the best people I've had the privilege of knowing."

She went on to say: "I'm not sad, because she had a good time.  My mother was a great adventure person, so she loved to go on adventures and my brother and I made sure that her life was full and rich."

Perhaps her most poignant observation was this: "I think I'm just sad sometimes that I think, 'Who will love me the way that she did?'  But I realize that my brother and I have each other and so we're ok."

Goldberg's grown daughter Alexandrea Martin was also very close to her grandmother.

More family photos and video from this morning on The View below:

David Letterman was the season premiere guest - his first appearance on The View.