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Reggie Garrett Dead: High School Quarterback Collapsed After TD Pass (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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reggie garrett died after td pass

West Orange Stark High School senior quarterback Reggie Garrett died on the sideline minutes after throwing a touchdown pass on Friday night in Beaumont, Texas.

Garrett collapsed after a special teams huddle on the side line, and appears to be having a seizure.  Paramedics rushed him to Baptist Orange Hospital.  He arrived in the emergency room at 8:30 p.m. without a heartbeat or a pulse. Doctors worked on him until 9:30 p.m. and then pronounced him dead.

According to the young man's mother, he suffered only one seizure previously.  She indicated he was 2 and had a fever during that episode.  She also indicated he was already guaranteed a full scholarship and would have attended the University of Houston next year.

Garrett and his teammates were celebrating his second TD pass of the night against the Jasper Bulldogs at Dan Hooks stadium when he collapsed during the second quarter of play.  The Mustangs won 27-6.

An autopsy has been ordered and the death is being investigated.  Reggie was a second-year varsity starting quarterback and Mustang team leader.

More photos from Reggie Garrett MySpace page and video coverage below:

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Some of the news reports I've read about this tragedy (which is what it is) indicated that the team was told of Reggie's death sometime during, I think, the fourth quarter. WHY in the world would you tell your team about something as sad and horrible as the death of a teammate DURING a game?! That said, I was incredibly saddened to "hear" of this story. From all accounts, Garrett sounded like a genuinely good young man, and it is a complete and utter shame that he was taken from his friends and family WAY too soon. RIP, Reggie.