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Brad Pitt's Secret Hideaway in Hickory Tree Tennessee (EXCLUSIVE)

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brad pitt november 2010

Where does someone rich and famous like Brad Pitt go to get away from it all?  Why, Hickory Tree, TN, of course.

Pitt has found a sanctuary away from the paparazzi (and apparently Angie and the kids too) on the Holston River in the small Tennessee community.

Seven miles south of the Birthplace of Country Music - Bristol, TN, the town of Hickory Tree - population 7236, runs along the banks of the river.  The largest city within a 50 mile radius is Johnson City, TN, population 61,028.

So what does the Hollywood star do while in Hickory Tree?  He fishes.

Pitt, an avid fly fisherman since starring in 1993's A River Runs Through It, has found the place locals call "the best kept fly fishing secret in the world."

There are rumors that the mega-star purchased property in the area, and I am on the trail to see if I can get verification.

hickory tree tennessee

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Seriously folks. Northeast Tennessee is a hell hole. You would much prefer to visit NC or VA. They have the Blue Ridge Parkway. All we have is Banjo music.


Brad has purchased property here however I'm sure none of us would find it because I'm sure he would have purchased it through a different name, so far no house that I know of has been built on the property but he does frequent here to fish and eat at a little local restaurant and I'm told by the owner of the restaurant you wouldn't recognize him right off if you saw him out fishing.


Several celebrities have places in north east TN. I met Ashley Sinclair (an adult film actress) in Johnson City. Apparently she has a lake house on Boone Lake. I also heard Jeff Gordon used to have some land here.


Fly fishing is good in TN


Maybe THATS why we finally got a Cabellas and Bass Pro Shop!!! :)


This has been a rumor for years, since his role in Inglorious Bastards anyway. If I recall he portrayed a character from East TN. He visited areas to collect useful characteristics and accent. I'm from Hickory Tree myself and can say, if I saw him fishin out by the pavilion, I would simply wave.


Hey leave them be, they are just fine hanging out here being normal like the rest of us down to earth people!!


I was told last week from a Tri-cities celebrity that he hung out in Boone. So it's actually closer to Bristol?


Actress Jayma Mays and sister Julie were born in Bristol, Tn. They spent lots of time on the Holston Lake swimming, boating and fishing with their parents and brother.


I grew up in Hickory Tree, also, and I think it says something about the people in the area when famous folks who would like some peace and quiet from all the paparazzi come to our area to get it. And a note to the paparazzi, too--don't go snoopin, thinking you can get away with using Pitt's and Jolie's neighbors' places to get good pictures. If you end up on someone's property that doesn't know you, you *might* get a warning or you may not--either way, most of the people *I* know in this area have, know how to use, are accurate with, and *will* use guns!