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Brad Pitt's Secret Hideaway in Hickory Tree Tennessee (EXCLUSIVE)

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brad pitt november 2010

Where does someone rich and famous like Brad Pitt go to get away from it all?  Why, Hickory Tree, TN, of course.

Pitt has found a sanctuary away from the paparazzi (and apparently Angie and the kids too) on the Holston River in the small Tennessee community.

Seven miles south of the Birthplace of Country Music - Bristol, TN, the town of Hickory Tree - population 7236, runs along the banks of the river.  The largest city within a 50 mile radius is Johnson City, TN, population 61,028.

So what does the Hollywood star do while in Hickory Tree?  He fishes.

Pitt, an avid fly fisherman since starring in 1993's A River Runs Through It, has found the place locals call "the best kept fly fishing secret in the world."

There are rumors that the mega-star purchased property in the area, and I am on the trail to see if I can get verification.

hickory tree tennessee

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    Actress Jayma Mays and sister Julie were born in Bristol, Tn. They spent lots of time on the Holston Lake swimming, boating and fishing with their parents and brother.


    I grew up in Hickory Tree, also, and I think it says something about the people in the area when famous folks who would like some peace and quiet from all the paparazzi come to our area to get it. And a note to the paparazzi, too--don't go snoopin, thinking you can get away with using Pitt's and Jolie's neighbors' places to get good pictures. If you end up on someone's property that doesn't know you, you *might* get a warning or you may not--either way, most of the people *I* know in this area have, know how to use, are accurate with, and *will* use guns!


    Well it's no secret anymore! lol.


    I am very proud to say I from Hickory Tree, and its very strange to find something on the internet about it. My father owns land right off River Bend rd, with access to the river and in my opinion it is of the best spots on river. If you want to check it out give my dad a call.


    I am more than twice your age Gregory, have lived here all my life and I agree with you 100%. Numerous celebrities have "discovered" us merely by attending Nascar races here. They love our beautiful countryside, hospitality and the fact that, as you said, we know how to treat others and respect their privacy. We definitely know how to be "good neighbors". :)


    With being a citizen of bristol the whole 22 years I have been a live, there has been several celebrities call this wonderful place their home way from home. Because some of use could careless that they are famous, most of us understand the privacy they seek. Even our newspaper respects that they only want to have privacy away from the media. It is true he has a place here, it is true a few other people do as well. But we have respect from people. People here in the south know how to treat one another for the most part.


    Good luck with that TerryTwoHearts. I see no reason why the reporter of this article needs to dig any deeper. What benefit is there in that? A lot of us already knew about him coming to the area and many have seen him. Our own newspaper has respected his privacy, so why can't others?


    Yes, he has a place there alright. No more comments. I hope to house sit at some point. Waiting to hear from someone on that. I need a place to live even if for a while.


    Also, Bristol lies in both TN and VA. The actual birthplace of country music is Bristol VA, not TN. We acquired that status because the very first recording of a country song was made in a small studio in Bristol, VA.

    I'm not trying to be rude, but facts should be researched more thoroughly before publishing them.


    Hickory Tree is not a "town". It is a beautiful country community just outside of Bristol. Hickory Tree is actually considered to be a part of Bluff City, TN. That's probably where the 7,000 + resident count comes from, not from Hickory Tree itself.

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