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made in 1971 aged to perfection

Turning Fabulous 40 this year ...

Many well known celebrities will celebrate a milestone birthday this year.  We've decided to showcase those turning the BIG 40 -- which means that they were born in 1971.

So what was happening during that eventful year?  All In The Family featuring Archie Bunker debuted on CBS.  Charles Manson and his three female "family members" were convicted of murdering pregnant actress Sharon Tate and her party guests.

Apollo 14 landed on the moon.  A new stock market index called the Nasdaq debuted.  Backed by American air and artillery support, South Vietnamese troops invaded Laos.

Boxer Joe Frazier defeated Muhammad Ali at Madison Square Garden.  The Ed Sullivan Show aired its final episode.  Amtrak began inter-city rail passenger service in the U.S.  Jim Morrison, leader of The Doors is found dead in his bathtub in Paris, France.

Celebs turning 40 this year include: Denise Richards, Mark Wahlberg, Bill Rancic, Billy Bush, Amy Poehler, Brooke Burke, Chris Harrison, Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith and Jenna Elfman.

Also born in 1971:  Jo Frost, Kid Rock, Mark Consuelos, Snoop Dogg, Winona Ryder and Ricky Martin.

Check out the gallery below:

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charlie sheen out of rehab

The most recent update for Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen seems shocking!  The A-list celebrity is at home and will be undergoing his treatment from the comforts of his Los Angeles gated-community mansion -- often referred to as his party pad.

Word is that Charlie and the executives at CBS and Warner Bros. put their heads together and hatched a rehab plan custom-made for the star.

For privacy reasons, they have found experts in the addiction field who will come directly to Sheen's home.  It sounds very much like the actor refused to do it any other way.

Loose lips definitely sink ships - as Charlie has already discovered.  He paid his porn star party girl Kacey Jordan a hefty sum of $30,000 for her company and presumably her silence.  That must not have been enough because she sat down for a tell-all interview this morning on network morning show Good Morning America - video.

Photo Credit: Owen Beiny - WENN

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derek hough opts out of season 12 dwts

Dancing with the Stars pro dancer Derek Hough, a three-time champ, will not be participating in Season 12 of the popular ABC hit reality show when it kicks off in March.

Derek will be making a movie instead.  He has snagged the role of a New Orleans street dancer in a Romeo and Juliet-style love story titled Cobu 3D.

He has actually put on 10 lbs of muscle while training for the new venture.  Filming will take place in New York and Toronto this spring.  Hough said: "People will see a much edgier side of me and these other styles of dance I'm capable of doing."

He did offer up assurances that he will rejoin the cast for Season 13: "I will be making it back to Dancing with the Stars in the fall.  I'm just taking a little break and taking this chance to grow and expand a little bit as an artist.  It's like I told one of the producers on the show -- I'll come back with a whole new set of skills."

He is the only pro dancer to win three Mirror Ball trophies.  His winning partners: Brooke Burke in Season 7, Nicole Scherzinger in Season 10 and Jennifer Grey in Season 11.

Rumors are flying about who will make the Season 12 cut.  Names being tossed around include: Lorenzo Lamas, Donna D'Errico, Jodie Sweetin, Lindsay Lohan, Maria Kanellis, Julie Benz, Kendra Wilkinson, and Mischa Barton.

Check out Derek's victory photos below:

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no babysitting porn stars for denise richards daughters

Denise Richards tuned in to GMA this morning to hear what porn star Kacey Jordan had to say about the 36-hour cocaine binge at Charlie Sheen's home last week.

Apparently in the midst of his drug fueled stupor he proposed a potential childcare gig.   Kacey said: "He's like, 'Can you babysit?  I need a girl I can rely on to babysit, you know?'"

The mother of Sheen daughter's Lola and Sam headed straight to her Twitter page after viewing the GMA interview.   Denise 'tweeted': "If you caught GMA today...FYI... No "adult film star" will be babysitting our kids!"

Check out what the porn star had to say Monday on Good Morning America:

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wenn3188178 715x1024

Justin Timberlake has been in show biz practically his entire life.  As a kid  he starred in the Mickey Mouse Club.  As a teenager he won the hearts of millions of girls as the curly haired heartthrob and lead singer of N'Sync.

JT is all grown up -- today he turns 30!  Happy Birthday Justin!

As he has gotten older his professional aspirations have shifted.  The singer is currently taking a hiatus from making music, and instead  has been exercising his acting chops in Yogi Bear and The Social Network.

Now that he's 30, we wonder if he has any plans to settle down with longtime girlfriend Jessica Biel.

Other celebrities born in 1981 and turning the BIG 30 in 2011: Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Beyonce Knowles, Adriana Lima, Jessica Alba, Elijah Wood, Josh Groban and Paris Hilton.

A famous twin duo will also celebrate their milestone birthday this year.  Jenna Bush Hagar and Barbara Pierce Bush will turn 30 on November 25.

Photo gallery below:

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kim kardashian w magazine photos

Last October Kim Kardashian posed nude for the November issue of W magazine.  These photos are back in the spotlight once again.

In last night's episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, the reality star cried about the way the photo shoot pics were displayed.  The magazine promised her that she wouldn't appear to be nude in the photos because they were planning to place architectural buildings on top of her body.

Her understanding was that these photos would be "artsy."  When Kim received a sneak peek at the final layout she referred to it as "full on porn."  Many of the images from the November issue show her bare breasts and nipples.

Kim wailed: "I feel so taken advantage of.  I'm more naked here than I was in my Playboy.  I've definitely learned my lesson.  I'm never taking my clothes off again, even if it's for Vogue."

Something tells us that she'll get over it in time and will eventually allow herself to be lured back.  Ironically it was her discussion on the reality show that brought the racy pics back to the forefront for another round of scrutiny.

The reality show segment was filmed months ago and Kim has since mellowed on the subject.  Her mother instructed her to "own" the pics and hold her head up high.  Kim's latest word on the subject: "I'm glad I did them."

A few days later a topless photo from FHM UK was shared by Kim via Twitter - we've included it in our gallery.  Gotta love her!

W magazine shoot below:

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betty white wins sag award for outstanding female in comedy

Betty White, 89, won for Hot in Cleveland ...

The 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were held on January 30, 2011 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.  Winners in the movie category included Colin Firth, Melissa Leo, Natalie Portman and Christian Bale.

In the television category, top honors went to Betty White for Hot in Cleveland and Alec Baldwin for 30 Rock. Best Comedy Series honors went to Modern Family.

Speaking of HOT and Betty White - did you know she has dirty photos that surfaced not long ago?  Yep.  Actually, she admits that it's a part of her life she'd like to forget - check it out here.

We've included a gallery of top winners for your inspection.

sag award winners 2011

Check out the complete winners lists below:

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Last week was anything but boring for some of our favorite celebrities.  Watch Bitten and Bound's very own Danni Starr below for her weekly Hollywood gossip recap:

Charlie Sheen 6-months worth of drugs and hookers = $500,000 - Radar Online

Jeremy Piven really really likes to hang with Miley Cyrus - Yeeeah!

OVER: Eva Longoria and Tony Parker's divorce is final - PopEater

David Arquette treatment completed - he's out of rehab - OMG!

British actor Henry Cavill will play Superman - Celebitchy

The Facts of Life actress Geri Jewell announces she's a lesbian - Right Celebrity

The late Brittany Murphy's home is going on the auction block - Stupid Celebrities

Photo: Should Rihanna give up over- the-top for glam? - Anything Hollywood

2011 super bowl commerical

More 2011 Super Bowl Ad links below.

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nicki minaj does snl

Nicki Minaj was the musical guest January 29, 2011 on Saturday Night Live.  The rapper performed two songs and appeared in a several humorous skits.

The host for the evening was The Social Network star and Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg.  His surprise guest was Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Known for her ample booty, Minaj was a standout as the Bride of Blackenstein and participated in a segment called The Creep.

Nicki's musical selections were Right Thru Me and Moment 4 Life.

Check it all out on video below:

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mark zuckerberg joins his imposters on snl

Mark Zuckerberg does Saturday Night Live ...

Jesse Eisenberg played host to a special guest on Saturday Night Live. The actor started his monologue and was soon joined by ensemble actor Andy Samberg-as-Mark-Zuckerberg.

The scene cut away several times to the real multi-billionaire Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, who was standing in the wings with some interesting commentary.  He eventually joined the two impostors on stage for a little "poking."

Eisenberg recently scored an Oscar nomination for his role as Zuckerberg in The Social Network.  He asked the FB king what he thought of the movie.  Zuckerberg replied: "It was interesting."

Check out the SNL video below:

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