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Famous People Turning 60 in 2011: Born in 1951 (PHOTOS)

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born in 1951

Many well known Americans of the baby boomer generation will be reaching another major milestone this year.  Those citizens born in 1951 will be hitting the BIG 60 in 2011.

This new crop has the potential to become Golden Boomers sometime within the next decade as they join the ranks of the retired -- thought this talented group could well continue to do what they do for at least another ten years minimum.

So who are they?  John Mellencamp, Mark Harmon, Pam Dawber, Suze Orman, Stedman Graham, Lou Ferrigno, Lynda Carter, Jackie Jackson, Cheryl Ladd, Steven Seagal, Michael Keaton, Jane Seymour and Kirstie Alley.

Others include Tommy Hilfiger, Sting, Crystal Gayle, Tony Danza, Harry Hamlin, Jesse Ventura, Tom Wopat, Kurt Russell and Jean Smart.

Check out their photos in our gallery below:

Born in 1961 - Turning 50 in 2011

Photos:  WENN, Wiki

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