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Lil' Kim Transformation: Before and After PHOTOS

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lil kim before and after photo

WOW!  Every time we see rapper Lil' Kim, she looks like a totally different person.  Her latest transformation is...shocking to say the least.

The 35-year-old entertainer, whose real name is Kimberly Denise Jones, was raised in Brooklyn and grew up on the streets after being kicked out of her home.  In 2005 Kim spent a year in prison for lying to a jury about her friend's involvement in a murder.

Last week Lil' Kim performed live at Rockit Fridays at CLUB QUO - a popular gay hotspot in Manhattan.  She was rocking a totally different look, just weeks after filming several music videos for the second and third singles from her fifth studio album - which is due out in 2011.

We've got the photos - check out more before and after images below:

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That looks like her Avatar.


Lil kim look a hot mess she mite thank she cute but she aint and she could neva be a nicki miaj in her life and im white


Wow, wtf did she do to herself?? Hot to not at the speed of a ginsu knife. Another self-esteem case gone too far.


I think she looks GREAT!!. Yeah, it took a few tries but she looks so beautiful now. Like a princess and not some ghetto trash. I only hope I can look that good one day. And please, if you could afford would do it too if you don't like how you look.


It's a shame she messed her face up. She use to be so pretty. Atleast she still looks cute in 2011. I think she fixed herself up a bit.


wow she looks lovely i hope one day i can marry her