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Ke$ha's Big Lie: I Don't Know My Father

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keha and her father bob chamberlain

Is it possible to rewrite your family history?  If you're pop star Ke$ha it is.

Ke$ha, born Kesha Rose Sebert in Los Angeles, has publicly maintained that she doesn't know who her father is.

Enter one Bob Chamberlain.

Chamberlain, a musician and engineer, says that not only does the singer know who he is, but she also had a relationship with him.  "I was in her life from the time she was born until she was 19 years old,"  Bob tells Star magazine. "The contact ended, and I have no idea why."

It has been widely reported that Ke$ha's mother, Pebe, struggled finanically and relied on welfare to support herself, Ke$ha and her older brother, Lagan.  The family moved to Nashville in 1991 where Ke$ha's younger brother Louis was born shortly after.

As far as why Ke$ha has written her father out of her life, Chamberlain says he has no idea.  "Maybe someone around her thought it would be better to perpetuate those myths."

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This is the man she THOUGHT was her dad. She has mention him in many interviews, including the Ryan Seacrest one. And if he was around so long, then where was he when Ke$ha and her mom were on the episode of the Simple Life? She was 15 then.


They all have different fathers. This guy has only put forth one photo of the two of them, and he sure took his sweet time to do so. I doubt he is her father.


if louis is her half brother thn her mom was dating someone if not and he is her blood brother then her was with her and her mom