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Melissa Molinaro: Old Navy Kim Kardashian Clone (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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melissa molinaro old navy

Melissa is a Kim Kardashian look-alike in Old Navy ad ...

Have you seen the latest Old Navy Super Cute commercial?  The Kim Kardashian look-alike is Canadian pop singer and model Melissa Molinaro.

The new ad shows Molinaro, a little thinner and younger than KK, strutting her stuff.  She may not be a dead ringer for the reality star and we'd hazard a guess that the commercial has fooled more than a few people.

We can't help but wonder what Kardashian has to say about the newest Old Navy ad campaign.  Will she be irritated or flattered?

Check out a composite photo of Melissa in a series of Kim-like poses from her Facebook page and catch a peek at her Old Navy ad below:

melissa molinaro facebook page

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this girl is not pretty at all and just 40% look alike kim,kim more hotter of course.this melissa look more fake than kim


Kim K needs to get over herself...this girl has more talent and is naturally prettier than Kim, her face dosent seem to be infested with botox. i think people can tell the difference between melissa and dumb kim. so now if a model resembles another "famous" person she/he cant be a model and should be banded from commercials? Kim get a real life!!!


way hotter than KK. that gigantic ass is gross. and she actually DO something other than sex tapes haha


Sorry, she doesn't have close to having the same backside as Kim K and that's what really does it for guys who like her


WAAAAAY better than Kim because this girl's actually got talent.!! Go Melissa!