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EXCLUSIVE: Tom Kiesche vs Ashton Kutcher: "Real Men Don't" Concept Controversy

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real men dont the concept is 5 years old

Shortly after Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore began their recent media blitz against child sex slavery, filmmaker Tom Kiesche began receiving emails and phone calls from friends who had seen their "Real Men Don't" PSA and thought he should check it out.

Tom has been creating humorous "Real Men Don't" videos since 2006, much to the delight of the YouTube crowd.

One friend wrote: "This is yours."  Consensus among others is that the whole tone of their "Real Men Don't" campaign is suspiciously similar in tone, graphic, timing and humor.

The new campaign is kudos for Tom, proving that his "Real Men Don't" was a good idea.  Tom said: "It's a blessing they're getting their message out."

Kiesche firmly believes that there is a simple solution to making this right without getting lawyers involved. He wants to keep things positive and thinks it could be a win-win for both sides.

Kutcher and his pals Justin Timberlake, Sean Penn, Jason Mraz and Jamie Foxx have all filmed "Real Men Don't Buy Girls" video shorts that will likely go viral on YouTube.

A spokesman for Demi and Ashton's newly created DNA Foundation told the Canyon News: "This allegation is absurd.  There are 7.8 million results on Google for the phrase (Real Men Don't), used in all sorts of media."

So we're asking our readers to view the two videos for similarities and weigh in on the controversy.  We've included one of Kiesche's videos, circa 2006, followed by a new Kutcher video:


What! I mean really.
Tom you have been at this 'forever' and I am appalled.
give the credit where it is due.
I will pass this along and make some noise!


complete and total rip off. I mean please....don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.


Fight the Power Mr. Kiesche! You can be our Norma Rae and stand up for all the little people in the entertainment industry!


Looks very close to me... but what do I know... hummmm


total rip off, Tom gets a lot of hits, they've clearly been impressed enough by what he's done to "borrow" his concept. While "imitation is the highest form of flattery" may be true, it'd also be a "real man" sort of thing to give credit where credit is due.


It is so obivious that Ashton and Demi's foundation plagiarized Tom Kiesche's Real Men Don't..


While I applaud the message that Mr. Kutcher and Mrs. Moore are getting out, it would seem that the entire format, tone, style are all taken from Mr. Kiesche. While Mr. Kiesches are purely for entertainment, and the DNA videos are PSA's on an important sunject, it doesn't change the fact that it seems that the entire series is pretty much exactly the same as the original videos made by Mr. Kiesche.
He deserves some kind of credit, and to at least be acknowledged by the DNA Organization in a professional and courteous way. Its obvious Mr. Kiesche has a lot more class than the flak/spokesperson from the DNA organization with his flippant quote. His words speak volumes about what kind of people are working there and in Hollywood. The main thing is, if this can happen to Mr. Kiesche, it can happen to anyone putting out videos on YouTube. Do you want to get ripped off? I don't. If you don't, then you should support him.


They get their wife to procure them for nearly free, old swag bags, dinner, promise of castoff clothes, etc


Personally, I have yet to see Ashton Kutcher express one iota of creativity, so it would not be a shock at all to see him rip an idea off from someone else.