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Joan Rivers Without Makeup: Plastic Surgery PHOTOS, VIDEO

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joan with and without makeup

Joan Rivers is the queen of comedy AND cosmetic surgery dating back to her first procedure, an eye lift, performed in 1965.

The 78-year-old television personality has been a client of plastic surgeon Steven Hoefflin since 1983 and has always been open about her obsession with youth.

vintage joan rivers

On this week's episode of Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best on WE, the elder Rivers has yet another nip & tuck operation.

Dare we suggest that the makeup artist who does Joan's face is worth his or her weight in gold because the aging celeb's skin always looks flawless.

Check out Melissa taking care of Joan after her latest plastic surgery on the video clip below -- move the slider to 1:20 :

Photos:  WENN, Video Screen Grabs

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She is a hateful OLD LADY with a PLASTIC NOSE! And FUNNY she isn't! She is an OLD has been....Give it up OLD LADY!


cant stand her shes a fake old lady i think shes hooked on painkillers DIE ALREADY


Seriously, Joan Rivers looks great, but she still walks and talks like an older lady.


I probably shouldn't have looked at her pic while I was eating, because now I am nauseous. WTF is up with her face. She looks like a monster.