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Justin Timberlake Admits 'Cry Me a River' is About Britney Spears

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justin timberlake cry me a river

Justin Timberlake finally admits what most of us already knew -- "Cry Me a River" is about Britney Spears.

JT has always denied that the song is about the breakdown of his relationship with Spears.

Timberlake's three year romance with Spears ended in 2002.  During that time, he began production on his debut studio album, Justified.

While he doesn't mention Britney by name, Justin admits in an E! True Hollywood Story about Timbaland, that a heated phone conversation between the two prompted "Cry Me a River," which he co-wrote with Timbaland and Scott Storch.

"He went to a concert and saw Britney," says Timbaland, "and Britney talked about him in the show and he was p**sed."

Justin then explains, “I was on a phone call that was not the most enjoyable phone call. I walked into the studio and he (Timbaland) could tell I was visibly angry.”

Timbaland says, “I was like, ‘Man, don’t worry about it’ and he's like, ‘I can’t believe she did that to me’ and he was like, ‘You were my sun, you were my earth.’”

The video for the song features a girl who bears a striking resemblance to Britney.

Watch "Cry Me a River" video below.


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