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Ryan Sheckler Sleeps Through Vegas Robbery

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World-class skateboarder Ryan Sheckler was robbed of $100k worth of jewelry in Las Vegas while he slept peacefully in his hotel room.

The theft went down at the Palms Hotel several weeks ago.  After a night on the town February 27, the athlete invited a long-time acquaintance, Stacy Salazar, back to his room at 3:45 a.m..

At some point Sheckler fell asleep and later awakened when he heard his hotel room door close.  He noticed that Salazar had vanished along with his jewelry.  Missing was a Rolex watch valued at $12,500, gold and diamond bracelet worth $14,975, a diamond and white gold ring appraised at $63,275 and a diamond necklace of unknown value.

He summoned police who made an interesting discovery after checking out the hotel security cameras.

Camera footage showed Sheckler with the Rolex on his wrist as he and Salazar took the elevator up to his room.  They were also able to see her leaving the hotel room at 5:05 a.m.

The police report revealed, "As she is walking she is fumbling with her purse that she carries over her shoulder."

She got into the elevator but wedged the door open at the last minute and went back to the hotel room where she said something to Sheckler and then left.

The woman told LVPD officers that a childhood friend of Sheckler's was the real thief and had set her up.  All evidence to the contrary, police arrested and booked her on a charge of grand larceny.

Photo Credit: FayesVision-WENN


Poor Kid. We live int he same town. A few years back his manager was tried and found guilty of stealing hundreds of thousands from him. No wonder he has trust issues. I feel for him.

@ Lttlelindsey

Yeah, poor kid with his $12,500 watch...I'm not saying he doesn't have trust issues. I've seen the show and can't help but sympathize with him - but I went to New Orleans this weekend and didn't bring my $4,000 engagement ring for fear it'd get stolen. Use common sense, people.