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chris lighty deat ruled suicide

Chris Lighty, the 44-year-old manager of Mariah Carey, Sean "Diddy" Combs and 50 Cent, was found dead in his apartment Thursday.

The New York City medical examiner has ruled the death of the hip-hop mogul a suicide.

According to the ME, Lighty died from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.  A 9 mm handgun was discovered near the body of the deceased.

Chris and his wife, Veronica, were in the midst of a divorce and he was reportedly having financial trouble.

Mariah Carey tweeted, "Love and heartfelt prayers go out to Chris Lighty's family and all of us whose life he touched.  Words cannot express the sadness we share today."

Sean "Diddy" Combs said, "RIP Chris Lighty.... Miss you bro.  I knew him as Baby Chris.  I still can't believe it.  WTF IS GOING ON?"

50 Cent released this statement: "Chris has been an important part of my business and personal growth for a decade.  He was a good friend and advisor who helped me develop as an artist and businessman.  My prayers are with his family.  He will be greatly missed."

Photo:  WENN

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kristen stewarts parents mom jules stewart and dad john stewart

Kristen Stewart's mom, script supervisor Jules Mann-Stewart, has filed for divorce from her husband of 27 years, TV producer John Stewart.

Citing "irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split, legal documents which were filed on August 17, list the couple's date of separation as June 15, 2010 -- a full two years before the filing.

Sources say the couple would have filed much sooner, but didn't want it to be a topic of discussion and take away from their daughter's Twilight press tour. They decided to move forward with the divorce after Kristen was caught cheating on boyfriend Robert Pattinson with her married "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders.

Ummm, thanks mom and dad?

photo of Jules Mann-Stewart via Facebook

photo of John Stewart: Craig Williams/WENN

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clint eastwood talks to a chair

There was excitement in the air Thursday night at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.  Everyone was buzzing about "mystery speaker" Clint Eastwood ... before AND after his 11-minute conversation with an empty chair.

Eastwood, 82, set the stage by telling us that President Barack Obama was seated next to the podium and then he proceeded to argue with POTUS.

The celebrity Twitter crowd felt the need to respond and they weren't all in support of the man of the hour.

Adam Levine: "Clint Eastwood has gone f**kin nutterbutters yo."

Roger Ebert: "Clint, my hero, is coming across as sad and pathetic.  He didn't need to do this to himself.  It's unworthy of him."

Rachel Maddow: "Looking at Rubio & Romney but all I can see is the Clint Eastwood performance art that just happened on that stage.  What were they thinking?"

Bob Newhart: "I heard that Clint Eastwood was channeling me at the RNC.  My lawyers are drafting our lawsuit..."

Olivia Munn: "Clint Eastwood was talking to an empty chair at the RNC...No, that's not the set up for a joke.  It's not even a joke."

George Takei: "Clint Eastwood's RNC speech was to imaginary Obama in an empty chair.  I'm drafting a DNC speech to imaginary Romney in an empty factory."

Not everyone took a negative view:

Kirstie Alley: "I just saw Clint Eastwood's speech and I LOVED it!!  Funny as hell & on point!! & I'm a Democrat.. US media is SO biased in favor of Dems."

Janine Turner: "I thought Clint Eastwood's presence was electrifying and I praise him for being a Hollywood actor & taking a stand!  Thanks Clint Eastwood!"

Check out the video and decide for yourself ... was he spot-on or did he miss the mark by a mile?

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sage stallone cause of death was heart disease

Coroners have determined that Sage Stallone died from a heart attack.

The 36-year-old son of Sylvester Stallone was found dead on July 13 by a housekeeper, and according to reports, pills were found in his room, leaving many to speculate that drugs may have played a role his death.

Toxicology reports came back negative, except for a "sub-therapeutic level of hydrocode," which had nothing to do with his death.

Coroner officials determined Sage's cause of death to be from natural causes, and there was evidence of heart disease. He had a history of being a heavy smoker, however, family members said he had cut back considerably.

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randy jackson ai

The latest 'American Idol' twist has 'The Dawg' Randy Jackson definitely out as a judge.  The former Journey musician will serve in a mentoring capacity with music producer Jimmy Iovine.

Show exec's aren't totally convinced that Randy has what it takes to be a mentor but they believe he is the glue that helps keep the show together.

Nicki Minaj is a 99% done deal.  Mariah Carey, who is officially locked in, isn't thrilled with AI's choice of the 'Pink Friday' singer.  Seems likely we'll be seeing lots of diva tension ... which is always good for ratings.

It remains unclear if 'Idol' will operate with three or four judges during Season 12.  Country crooner Keith Urban remains at the top of the short list as does pop-rock musician Nick Jonas.

Meanwhile the Kanye West and Diddy rumors have gone stone cold.

Is it just us or is it taking an abnormally long time to get this thing nailed down?

Photo Credit: WENN

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robin roberts and her mother

Robin Roberts started her medical leave of absence a day early so that she could fly to Mississippi to say goodbye to her ailing mother, who died several hours later.

Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts, 88, passed away Thursday, surrounded by family ... including daughter Robin and the rest of her siblings.

GMA co-anchor George Stephanopoulos read from a note that had been distributed to ABC staff members Thursday night: "Robin did make it home to Mississippi to say goodbye."

"Robin arrived home with her sister Sally Ann forging through flooded and blocked roads to be with her beloved Mother in time to see her.  It has always been clear where Robin got her strength, faith and spirit.  You didn't need to look far."

Lucimarian was the first African American to head Mississippi's Board of Education.   She was passionate about music and authored 'My Story, My Song' in collaboration with her daughter.

During a 2006 presentation to the student body at Abilene Christian University, Roberts credited her mother with instilling in her children the "three Ds: Discipline, Determination, and De Lord."

The family matriarch is survived by four children: Robin, Sally-Ann, Butch and Dorothy.

Check out the touching video below:

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tori delivers baby 4

Tori Spelling announced the birth of her fourth child, a son, with husband Dean McDermott.  They named him Finn Davey.

The 'Craft Wars' host, 30, hit Twitter with the news, "It's a Boy!"

She linked that message to her website for the specific details and a first photo, "We are so excited to announce the birth of the newest member of the McDermott family."

Newborn Finn was born Thursday, Aug. 30 at 5:39 p.m..  He weighed 6 lbs., 6 oz. and is 20 inches long.  His middle name is a nod to his paternal great-grandfather.  It happens to be Tori's middle name as well.

The couple's other children are Liam, 5, Stella, 4 and Hatti, 10 months.

Check out the first mother-baby photo below:

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if it isnt clint eastwood then who

Rumors are swirling over the identity of a surprise "mystery" speaker who will take the podium tonight during the final night of the Republican National Convention in Tampa.  Those in the know say it will be Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood.

Things got interesting on Monday when a revised convention schedule included a "To Be Announced" speaker.

Fox News has since reported that a Republican source "confirmed" it is in fact famed actor and director Eastwood, who publicly endorsed Romney in early August.

Other rumor mill favs have included Christian conservative NFL QB Tim Tebow or an appearance by the late Ronald Reagan as a 3-D hologram.

Film critic Roger Ebert tweeted, "If Clint Eastwood *isn't* the Mystery Guest, anyone else will be a crushing disappointment."

Photos:  WENN

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leann rimes enters rehab

Country singer LeAnn Rimes has entered a rehab facility for treatment of anxiety and stress according to her rep.

Marcel Pariseau stated, "LeAnn has voluntarily entered a 30 day in-patient treatment facility to cope with anxiety and stress.  While there will be speculation regarding her treatment, she is simply there to learn and develop coping mechanisms.  While privacy isn't expected, it's certainly appreciated."

Rimes entered a 30-day program on Wednesday, the day after her 30th birthday.   According to her rep, she is not seeking treatment for an eating disorder or substance abuse.

She said, "This is just a time for me to emotionally check out for a second and take care of myself and come back in 30 days as the best 30-year-old woman I can be.  All the things in my life will be there when I get out, but you know what? I'm hoping they're not going to affect me as much.  I'll have the tools to know how to deal with them."

Her husband Eddie Cibrian offered his support, "My wife is the most remarkable and courageous woman I know.  I am so proud of her for having the strength to finally take some time for herself.  I will be with her every step of the way."

The couple wed in April 2011 after engaging in an extramarital affair that led to the break up of their previous marriages.

Check out a recent photo of the couple below:

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charlie sheen anger management

Charlie Sheen may have hit a home-run with 'Anger Management.'  After a 10 episode summer run FX has decided to fully invest in the show with an order for 90 episodes.

Production resumes on Sept. 24, with new shows airing in January.   The contract will keep Sheen memorizing scripts for the next two years.

The last few episodes were beefed up by the appearance of veteran actor Martin Sheen.  He reportedly told FX he'd make future appearances as Charlie's television father if the show got picked up.  Looks like we'll get to see more father-son action.

picture 5

During the first nine weeks of 'Anger Management' the show brought in 4.53 million viewers, with 2.5 million in the coveted 18-49 demographic.

FX executive VP Chuck Saftler said, “We set a very high ratings bar that included some additional hurdles for Anger Management to earn its back-90 order, and the series met and exceed those metrics.”

After hearing the news Charlie tweeted, "Boom!  Anger goes the distance-90 more! TeamSheen!! #WINNING"

The former 'Two and a Half Men' could earn upwards of $100 million if he keeps his nose clean...

Photo Credit: WENN, Video Screen Grab