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Andy Dick is Dating Woman in "Jason" Hockey Mask: PHOTOS

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date night with masked woman

Andy Dick and his girlfriend ate at Mel's Diner in Hollywood Sunday night and the photos were decidedly compelling ... because his female companion was sporting a 'Friday the 13th' hockey mask.

The "Jason" get-up added a touch of the bizarre to the comedian's date night.

Funnyman Dick hit Twitter with a series of photos, including an image of the couple sipping a beverage from two straws.  He tweeted, "Shared a malt with @dinahvagina420."

Dinah V shared her own Twitpic with this sentiment:

picture 3

Check out more photos below:

Photos:  WENN, Twitter-Andy Dick


Huh...he trying to fool the world into thinking he's not an ass-wrangler? By which I obviously mean someone who herds donkeys....


He hasn't shot himself in the face yet? WTF?