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Chris Brown Neck Tattoo Looks Like Battered Rihanna

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chris brown tattoo looks like battered rihanna

Chris Brown is sporting a new tattoo on the side of his neck that strongly resembles his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

The rapper denies that the new ink is a nod to the woman that he assaulted after they attended the Grammy Awards.  He claims that any likeness between his latest body art and the woman he once loved is pure coincidence.

Despite the fact that the full-lipped female bears a strikingly similarity to the Barbadian singer, Brown claims "it's a random woman."

Check out side by side photos of CB's neck and a police photo of Rihanna from that fateful night back in February 2009.  You be the judge.  Yes? No? Maybe?:

chris brown tattoo appears to be a nod to rihanna

Photos:  WENN, Video Screen Grab

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I hope the music industry turns their back on this fool!!!


I have many books on tattoos as my daughter loves the artwork and is making it part of her art coursework at school; we've gone through them and cannot find this allegedly 'commonly used' picture of a 'random woman drawing' in any of them. However, we have then looked at the assault photos of Rihanna side by side with a blow up of this tattoo - my daughter, with a good eye for details, marked the similarities between both. it was extremely disturbing to watch as every bruise, cut, mark and lump on Rihanna appeared in the same place on the tattoo; even the little mark of blood in the corner of her mouth is there, and my daughter also pointed out that in the eyebrow on the battered side are the letters 'ex'; which we take as meaning EX. Rihanna's his ex girlfriend, and so there is nothing else he could've done to show it was indeed her unless he'd just put her name underneath.