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Gwyneth Paltrow Named 2012 Best Dressed Woman: PHOTOS

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Gwyneth Paltrowhas been anointed the 2012 Best Dressed Woman according to PEOPLE magazine's Best & Worst Dressed issue on newsstands Friday.

Her stylist Elizabeth Saltzman told reporters, "She has a uniform: It's simple, not overdone.  She's always shocked when a store will call me and say, 'What was that jean Gwyneth was wearing?'  I've had 80 people come in today looking for it!'  Gwyneth will say, 'Really?!'"

We've pulled together some of GP's recent red carpet fashion choices for your consideration.  We happen to think that she really does look quite stunning no matter what she puts on her decidedly fit frame.

Also on this year's list are Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone.

Inquiring minds want to know ... did PEOPLE get it right?

More photos below:

Photos:  WENN