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Celebrity Homes: Johnny Depp Buys House in Nashville (PHOTOS)

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johnny depp house in nashville

Johnny Depp has purchased a $17.5 million home in Nashville, TN.

The 19,042 square foot mansion is the second home the actor has purchased in the last three months. He recently bought a $4.4 million home in Los Angeles.

Rumors began swirling in November 2011 that Depp was house hunting in the Music City when he was seen having dinner with Lenny Kravitz at Sambuca in the Gulch. He split from longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis in June.  The couple have two children, Lily-Rose, 13, and Jack, 9.

See photos of Johnny Depp's new house in Nashville below.


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His House in Nashville is more expensive than the one in Los Angeles.


Depp if wanting to break into music, will not make it, or be accepted in Nashville.
He'd be able to be a successs if he had went to Austin, Texas. There he'd fit in like a hand in a leather glove and his music would be appreciatedd.

@ Jeronimo Dan

Sorry Jeronimo Dan, guess your not from Nashville. Most folks here love music from all types. Its all about jamming together man.Ever hear of the Music City? That's right its Nashville and welcome Johnny with open arms.