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Katie Couric's 'HOT' Date with Larry King: Jimmy Kimmel VIDEO

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katie couric had a hot date with larry king

During a guest appearance last night on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!,' Katie Couric dished about her date 25 years ago with Larry King and one she passed up with Michael Jackson.

The host of the ABC talk show 'Katie' was 30 and living in Washington D.C. when she agreed to go out to dinner with the iconic television interviewer who was 23 years her senior.

He drove up to her apartment in a Lincoln Town Car and took her to an Italian restaurant on K Street.  Things progressed well until he decided to take her back to his place afterward.

She was not feeling the same level of interest and joked in mock horror, "What can I say, he lunged.  I started laughing a little because the whole situation was like out of a bad Lifetime movie."

Couric tried to cut his sexual tension, "I said 'Larry, you're such an interesting, nice man, but I would like to meet someone a little closer to my age.'  He said, 'That's okay cause when I like, I really like.'"

We've also included her recollection of a lunch meeting with the late Michael Jackson that was followed the next morning by a call from one of his associates inquiring about her dating status.   She told the handler that she was in a relationship but now wishes she had agreed to go out on a date.

Check out both exchanges on video below:

Photo:  WENN

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