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2013 Super Bowl Ad: Taco Bell 'Viva Young' VIDEO

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taco bell super bowl commercial

Taco Bell's 2013 Super Bowl ad features the wild and wacky world of senior citizens after they are tucked in at the retirement home.

The old people sneak out of their beds to a waiting vehicle and go for a joy ride through the city.  They strip down for a dip in a residential swimming pool, light off firecrackers on doorsteps and get their dance on at a local club.

Next they visit a tattoo parlor for a late night ink session before noshing on a Taco Bell feast while lounging on the hood of their car.  Their revere is temporarily interrupted when a police car rolls through and gives them the stink eye.

'Viva Young' indeed!  Check out the 60 second commercial below:

Photo Credit: Video Screen Grab

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