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Beyonce and the Harbaugh Brothers All Fired Up

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beyonce is ready for some football

With Super Bowl XLVII just hours away, Beyonce are about to hit the biggest stage of her career.

Bey and Destiny's Child will rock the 2013 Pepsi Halftime Show.  The popular entertainer, aka Sasha Fierce, promises she'll be performing live.  In fact, she claims "I was born to do this."

It leaked early that Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams were planning to reunite with Beyonce but the big question remains ... will Jay-Z end up on stage sometime during the show that is expected to be watched by 150 million people?

San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, 49, will go up against Baltimore Ravens head coach, 50-year-old John Harbaugh.  The match up will go down in history as the first time that siblings will coach competing Super Bowl teams.

harbaugh brothers go head to head

Jack and Jackie Harbaugh know that one of their children will be victorious in New Orleans and another will fall short.  What's a mother to do?

She told reporters during a press conference on Friday, "We're so excited for John and Jim to be in this situation but we're also really excited for the players and their families.  This is a huge event for them.  We're going to hug both of them and tell them how proud we are of them and their teams."

When asked how her sons differ, she responded, "Really, they're more similar than they are different.  They love their children very much, they've done a lot of community work and they are very caring individuals."

Jack and Jackie plan to remain neutral, as in 'no cheering' during the biggest NFL contest of their lives.  That seems like mission impossible ... but you can bet the cameras will be focusing on the family throughout the CBS telecast.

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