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Denise Richards Scary Skinny or Super Fit? PHOTOS

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denise richards suddenly skin and bones

Recent photos of Denise Richards have started a firestorm of speculation that the actress and mother of three has gone too far in her quest to be buff.

The model and author was out and about with daughters Sam, Lola and Eloise a few days ago and her bare arms were looking decidedly ropey and lean.  Her once supple upper extremities now appear to be skin on bones with zero padding, a significant departure from photos captured of the actress in 2012.

denise buffs up

She is a big fan of Pilates, a workout she claims her "body has responded to more than any other workout."

In her quest for body perfection, Denise posted a Twitter image in mid-January showing a technician working on her uber-flat stomach.  She tagged the image, "Getting a Freeze treatment on my belly at @LanceRx tightens the skin...bikini season is just around the corner!"

In the interest of full disclosure, we'll come right out and admit that we'd take that 'loose' belly in a heart beat...

denise wants to tighten this belly

Richards is currently working on 'Socio,' a pilot project for ABC, where she plays a fallen socialite and mother of a murderer.

Photos:  WENN

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