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Ashley Judd's Senate Bid Mocked by GOP Super PAC: VIDEO

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ashley judd targeted by republican pac

Would-be U.S. Senate candidate Ashley Judd suddenly finds herself the target of political mockery from American Crossroads, the super PAC co-founded by GOP strategist Karl Rove.

The actress who has long talked about her strong Nashville ties, is considering a 2014 run against Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has been voted into office every six years since 1985 by his loyal Kentucky constituency.

Judd, 44, was a 2012 delegate to the Democratic National Convention representing Tennessee, the place she used to call home.

That said, she actually grew up in Kentucky and graduated from the University of Kentucky Honors Program.  After a lengthy acting stint she hit the books again, graduating in 2010 from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, earning a Mid-Career Masters in Public Administration degree.

Last week Ashley announced her marital split with Scottish race car driver Dario Franchitti, the winner of three Indianapolis 500 races.  Perhaps he failed to appreciate her rapidly expanding political aspirations.

A 1:20 video clip titled 'American Crossroads Presents: Ashley's Story' uses a number of unrelated soundbites to ridicule the actress-turned-activist.  The ad will run for two weeks and cost $10,000 to create.  The group's communication director Jonathan Collegio said, "We hope you enjoy watching the ad as much as we enjoyed creating it."

Check it out below:

Photo:  Facebook-Ashley Judd 2014

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