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Jay Leno Recreates GoDaddy Ad with Man Kiss: VIDEO

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jay asks bar to reenact the kiss

Jay Leno kicked off Wednesday's Tonight Show with a cold open reenactment of Bar Refaeli's HOT Super Bowl kissing ad.

The show host said, "Hey Bar, that GoDaddy Super Bowl ad you did...that was was one of my favorites.  I was wondering, any chance we could recreate the ad?'

Refaeli replied, "Sure, pucker up!"

The Israeli supermodel pulled in Jesse Heiman, who seemed totally comfortable locking lips with Leno.  He even managed to conjure up the same red blush that spread up his face during filming of the original ad spot.

jay brings out the blush in heiman

Later, while interviewing Bar at length about filming the 'Smart Meets Sexy' commercial, Jay wanted to know, "Is Jesse a good kisser?"  She responded, "You tell me."

It turns out that the ad has skyrocketed the career potential of Bar's kissing partner.  Los Angeles based porn company Assence Films has already extended an offer to Heiman to appear in an adult film of his choosing.  His response, "Think I'll hold out for Playgirl."

Check out the video of Leno and Heiman pressing the facial flesh:

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