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Miley Cyrus Led Astray in London by Nicole Scherzinger

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nicole scherzinger leads miley astray in london

Miley Cyrus partied like a rock star in London Saturday night with her pal Nicole Scherzinger, who showed MC the ropes at Cirque le Soir nightclub in Soho.

The former Pussy Cat Dolls singer and X factor celebrity, at 35, is nearly old enough to be Miley's mother.  Don't be jealous or disgusted Tish --  we're sure it's all good.

But we digress.  Before leaving her hotel last night, Cyrus hit Twitter to show off her black and white Alexander McQueen wool-blend sweater featuring a shirt-style white cotton hem and cuffs, worn over a pair of Daisy Dukes and accessorized with black platform boots.

She tweeted, "On the scene in McQueen."  In case you want to pick one up for yourself, we did a quick check and discovered that the designer top retails for $1,785.  We've decided to pass.

Earlier in the day Miley hit Twitter to drum up voter support for her MTV VMA nomination with a photo that was captioned, "Gettin fresh with my future moon man. #voteforme #vma"

miley shares candids on twitter

The 20-year-old twerking queen is currently riding high due to the success of her single 'We Can't Stop,' from her unreleased fourth studio album, set to drop in Sept. 2013.

Her self-described "funky and R&B" tune has sold over a million copies in less than 6 weeks.  With the recent addition of a video, she sold 216,000 copies last week alone, outselling the first week and becoming one of the top selling female artists this year.

Cyrus will hit a milestone birthday in November, when she'll turn 21 and become officially legal to party hardy.  Good times...

Photos:  WENN, Twitter-Miley Cyrus
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    did Nicole wear Airmaxx or am i wrong ;)