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Mark Wahlberg's Kids Snag 'Transformers' Cameo

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mark wahlberg with ella and michael

Mark Wahlberg pulled a few strings and was able to secure a cameo appearance for several of his children in his latest film, 'Transformers: Age of Extinction.'

Wahlberg, 42, is currently filming the fourth installment of the 'Transformers' franchise and managed to get a couple of his older kids into a crowd scene.

He revealed, "My kids just did a cameo as scared people in the street looking up, but they did a great job."

The proud pop admits he may have taken on the role of "stage father" while trying to make sure their performance would be up to par.

"I was so nervous because director Michael Bay doesn't have time for bad performances.  You have to understand; you're shooting a $300 million movie.  You've got a lot going on.  He's got five, six takes.  If you ain't got it, you're done.  I didn't want to see my kids get clipped."

The A-list actor admits, "They were excited, but they started to get mad at me because I'm trying to over-direct them.  It went great."

'Transformers: Age of Extinction' hits theaters June 27, 2014.   We assume his kids will definitely make the cut.

Mark wed model Rhea Durham in 2009, after an eight year relationship.  Their children are Ella, 10, Michael, 7, Brendan, 5, and Grace, 3.

We've included a family vacation photo that was taken on Paradise Island, Bahamas.  As they got ready to board their charter flight back to L.A., a celebrity artist that the couple commissioned to paint their four children presented them with a completed canvas.

family on vacation

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