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by Carissa Pavlica at . Comments

Ahhh. There's nothing like a wedding to get the ole shopping juices flowing!

What are the Duggar's shopping for on 19 Kids and Counting Season 8 Episode 4? Well, Jill and Derick are on the hunt for wedding bands. Just how much time and thought goes into choosing the band, anyway?

If you ever hope to move in with the Duggars, you'd best prepare for some work. When Ben learns he can move into their guesthouse, he discovers there is a catch. He has to complete a series of tasks first; chores, if you will.

Does Ben make it into the guesthouse or does he fail at his tasks? Do Jill and Derick make a successful purchase?

Don't waste time theorizing, watch 19 Kids and Counting online now!

by Carissa Pavlica at . Comments

The title of Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 28 is extraordinarily ominous.


What's your guess? Is someone down and out or did they merely step it out to the magical song? You'll have to watch to find out, but right now we'll tell you that the chances of Tracey's daughter making the Elite team were seriously threatened.

That might have caused major stress for Tracey's family, but for some reason Cathy crashed the the competition. Why?

And, what competition? The one that will determine which girls attend Nationals, of course. You know every little girl every grown woman was not leaving the competition happy.

Find out how it went down when you watch Dance Moms online!

by Carissa Pavlica at . Comments

Is Josh The Biggest Loser?!

Alright, it didn't exactly go down like that, but when Josh's ex-trainer Steve Conley appeared to assess Josh's current eating and exercising habits, it was difficult not to correlate the two, right? 

Take a guess at whether the trainer had good or bad news to share with his former pupil before you watch 19 Kids and Counting Season 8 Episode 5

Jill and Derick were acting like a love-drunk engaged couple when they had some couples photos taken. Awww. Isn't that just the sweetest? 

Find out how sweet the photography session was and whether Josh is following directions when you watch 19 Kids and Counting online.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

We know this may come as a shock to you, but Kanye West can be kind of a douche.

How big of a douche, you say? Well, believe it or not, after finding out about how he runs his house, you might actually feel bad for Kim Kardashian.

KimYe Wedding Instagram - Kanye West

Yes, Kanye's household rules were "exposed" by a UK tabloid today, and even if this report is totally made up, it's still hilarious.

“When he’s at his New York apartment, the temperature must be set to a level that allows him to wear a hoodie indoors, even in summer," a source tells Look magazine.

Yes, year-round hoodies...because that's a reasonable thing for a 37-year-old to insist upon. Oh, speaking of clothes:

“Only one approved maid is allowed in their bedroom, and when his clothes are washed they must not be in with anyone else’s. He seems to want to be treated like a god and insists that Kim follow his rules too.”

Kanye also has rules about the decibel level at which music should be played, and apparently doesn't allow guests to talk on cell phones in his presence.

The best part of all this? While the $20 million Kimye mansion is being renovated, Kanye is enacting all of these rules at Kris Jenner's house!

Yes, Kris is suffering under Kanye rule. Don't tell us there's no karma!

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

File this one under: yet another sadly believable tale of insane diva behavior from the mini-Mariah known as Ariana Grande.

Following news that Ariana canceled a photo shoot in Australia because the press wouldn't cooperate with her insane demands (only shoot her left side, don't ask any questions about her personal life), we get this gem from The New York Daily News that just makes us want to pack little Ari into Justin Bieber's duffle bag whenever society finally decides to ship him off to the Yukon:

"She did autographs and pics and was all smiles until she got in the elevator," sis a witness at a recent press event. "And as soon as the doors shut, she said, 'I hope they all f--king die.'"

Mind you, Ariana's rabid, mostly very young fanbase took her from Nickelodeon Z-lister to Top 40 pop star overnight, but they should all just f--king die anyway, right?

To think, some of us momentarily doubted Giuliana Rancic's story about Ariana's diva antics. Now we're beginning to think Giuliana let her off easy.

Oh, by the way, if you're catching Ariana on tour this year and you shelled out $495 for a "meet and greet," you should know that she announced yesterday that the price will not allow you to take an individual photo with her (even thought that's something that literally every other pop star offers).

Yet another reason why you should just like, totally, f--king die already.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

These days Farrah Abraham is working as a stripper and raising a 4-year-old, so you might think she wouldn't have much time for guys.

But they say you always find time for the things you love, and if you know anything about Farrah, you know she loves...let's call it "dating."

So naturally she's been scouting for talent the only way a working, single mom can - watching VH1 reality shows about people boning on the beach to see who's still single at the end.

Farrah Abraham and Mikey P

Yes, rumor has it that Farrah is dating Mikey P, the newest "reality star" from VH1's Dating Naked - the first reality hook-up fest to feature more than one kind of crabs.

Farrah posted the above photo of herself and Mike with a caprion reading:

 "Celebrating a #Sexy weekend #fashionweek #NY 2 #TX VIP #OWNIT @PalazioAustin #BachelorParty #bacheloretteparty." 

Mikey also posted the pic, saying, "Yooooo f-ck what you heard @F1abraham is cooooll as hell!"

Yeah! F-ck what you heard! Unless what you heard is that Farrah just bought a $100 Mercedes Benz with her stripper money, thus making her an easy target for dudes who are only famous for shaking their digitally-scrambled wangs on basic cable.

If that's the case, then what you heard is completely accurate. 

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

Last week, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was indicted for child abuse.

Perhaps because they have something resembling a sense of right and wrong (or, more likely, because they learned from the Ray Rice scandal), the Vikings owners immediately deactivated Peterson for Sunday's game against the New England Patriots.

Adrian Peterson Mug Shot

It initially looked as though justice would be served in a way that it never will be with the Rice incident.

It seemed Peterson would be kept out of the lineup until the court had it's say, as a way of ensuring that an entire city wouldn't end up realizing in retrospect that they'd be cheering on a child-beating monster.

Yes, that's how it looked, and we were happy to offer kudos to the Vikings organization. And then today the team announced that they'd effectively absolved Peterson of any blame. 

In a move that should have every football fan, parent, and sensible human being seething with rage, the Vikings announced that Peterson will play this Sunday against the New Orleans Saints.

So how could the organization be so bold while the league is still dealing with the fallout from the Rice scandal?

It's simple: no video evidence means no bad press.

The Vikings owners made the calculated decision that since the public won't be subjected to footage of Peterson savagely mauling his 4-year-old child with a tree branch, the whole thing will blow over and it will be safe - from a PR perspective - to put Peterson back on the field.

The sad thing is, they're probably right. After all, what's a scarred, traumatized child when there are yards to be gained?

by Carissa Pavlica at . Comments

A whole lotta bad news was tossed around Total Divas Season 3 Episode 2. It was kind of unpleasant.

First Nikki's secret gave John Cena the idea they might be breaking up. That's after Brie received some truly devastating news from her husband that made her regret an earlier argument. 

Because the laughs just kept coming, when Trinity and Ariane were called into the office of WWE Senior Director of Talent Relations, they received their own bombshell -- they'll not longer be working as a team. What?!

Rightfully so, Ariane felt as if she was being sent back to the starting gate in her career. 

Find out how it all went down when you watch Total Divas online.

by Carissa Pavlica at . Comments

Can The Doctor be afraid of the dark?

Absolutely. As we find out on Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 4, The Doctor believes and intends to prove that there is something under the bed when we worry it is so. 

The Doctor wants Clara to show him a time in her life when she had the dream and she takes control of the TARDIS. By doing so, she sets into a motion a thrilling adventure that crosses time and space and intersects the lives of The Doctor and Danny Pink, both in the future and in the past.

It's an trip that will bring to mind ideas planted in season past and an hour you cannot miss. Don't waste any time. 

Click below and watch Doctor Who online now!

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

Rumors of an Iggy Azalea sex tape began circulating on Thursday morning, and at first Iggy played the, "That's someone else's ginormous booty!" card.

Iggy Azalea

She later confessed that the footage was legit, but claimed she was underage in the video.

Now, one of her ex-boyfriends  - who goes by the awesome name of Hefe Wine - claims that he's the one givin' it to Iggy Ig in the tape and he thinks the public should see him in action.

Hefe says Iggy was legal at the time and fully aware that she was being recorded.

Of course, at the moment, Mr. Wine isn't doing quite as well in the rap game as Iggy, so it stands to reason that he would like to make millions from the amateur porn.

By contrast, Iggy is the hottest artist in hip hop at the moment. So it's not hard to see why she would want to avoid doing anything that might draw comparisons to an equally big-bootied but far less talented sex tape star.

We fully understand why Iggy wants to bury this thing, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't a little disappointed. Those who have seen it say the tape blows Kim Kardashian's sex tape out of the water. 

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