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by Johnny Drama at . Comments

If you haven't heard of "Jasmine Tridevel" - well, it turns out you weren't missing much.

It all started yesterday, when reports that Tridevil had a third breast surgically implanted between her other two began to surface online.

Jasmine Tridevil Photo

She initially claimed she did it to make herself unattractive to men, then later stated that she was making a self-produced reality show called Jasmine's Jugs (seriously).

Needless to say, the red flags began to pop up left and right, and eventually Tridevil's was exposed as a hoax.

It's one of those situations where looking back, we can't believe we fell for it.

Apparently we gave Ms. Tridevil (real name: Alisha Hessler) too much credit when we thought, "Who would be dumb enough to make something like that up?"

She still hasn't come forward and admitted it was a prank, but several plastic surgeons have stated that the procedure she described would be medically impossible, and police who recovered her stolen luggage recently listed one of the items inside as a "breast prosthesis."

Ironically, Ms. Tridevil is now flat busted. We'll show ourselves out.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

If you recall, when Beyonce got pregnant the first time, there were a number of conspiracy theorists who insisted she'd actually used a surrogate and faked the whole thing.

They had the obsessive zeal and tenuous grip on reality of Obama birthers. It's a miracle Donald Trump didn't step in to bankroll the whole thing.

Naturally it turned out that it was all BS, but now that Beyonce's pregnant with baby number two, she's decided to just get in front of all that nonsense right off the bat.

Beyonce Baby Bump Photo

Yes, Beyonce shared her naked baby bump online and, as usual, she looks fabulous.

You've gotta give Mrs. Carter credit for killing two birds with one stone. She's effectively squashed the divorce and fake baby rumors with one photo.

Maybe Jay and Bey should give the Obamas PR lessons. Because, who in the industry has the press wrapped around their little fingers like the Carters?

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

For weeks now, we've been hearing rumors that Robert Pattinson is dating FKA Twigs.

We hoped it was true, as it's looking more and more like Kristen Stewart has moved on with Nicholas Hoult and Twigs (she's a British  EDM singer, if you're not familiar), just seems cool.

Well, if you too were hoping for a Pattz-Twiggy love connection, we've got good news.

Behold, Pattinson and Twigs holding hands:

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs

Okay, we may have jumped the gun when we called it "official," but come know how private Rob usually is with his love life?He dated Kristen for years before they officially confirmed it.

For this dude, holding hands in public is about as official as it gets.

We're the first to admit that we might just be indulging in some wishful thinking, but Twigs should really lock it down if she hasn't already.That woman who married the Pattinson cardboard cutout is still out there somewhere.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

When Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard got married back in June, the world naturally assumed that they'd follow in the footsteps of Jill's parents and start making babies ASAP.

After all, per the Duggar courtship rules, Jill and Derick weren't even allowed to kiss before they got married, so it stands to reason they'd be eager to consummate.

Jill Duggar Baby Bump Photo

But some 19 Kids and Counting fans now believe that Jill got pregnant too early and that she and Derick were, in fact, gettin' it in on the sly.

They claim that Jill was clearly pregnant before she got married as her latest Instagram pic lists her at 13 weeks and one day pregnant.

That would put the conception date at over a week before the Dillards wedding on June 21.

That initially sounds like a ruh-roh, but Jill is denying that she had pre-marital sex and her story holds up:

The date of conception is calculated not by determining the day on which the intercourse took place, but rather as the first day of the woman's last normal menstural cycle, which could be several weeks before the kid is actually conceived.

So, there ya go. We all learned something today. Watch 19 Kids and Counting online at TV Fanatic for more valuable tidbits. 

by Carissa Pavlica at . Comments

If you've ever had a yearning to drive by two people duking it out on the side of the road and shouting insults at one another, you want to see Total Divas Season 3 Episode 3.

Nattie gave Summer Rae a ride and Nattie got so pissed off at Summer Rae that she actually pulled the car over for an old time brawl. Insults were hurled and met with left and right swings. Yep -- the rumble was on!

Healh issues threaten to sideline the wrestling career of Brie and Daniel Bryan. Daniel's neck surgery is the culprit. Taking a slam from the ropes could end his life, if not just his career.

It shouldn't be any surprise that John Cena is still having problems with Nikki. She's put in a tough spot with the start his week.

When Rosa tries to mend a rift between known enemies, she encounters less than desirable results and Eva's father and husband finally reach the boiling point in their wedding standoff. Ain't love grand?

To find out how it all played out, watch Total Divas online and have fun!

by Carissa Pavlica at . Comments

On Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 5 Clara makes an attempt to go on another date with Danny only to find herself in a "thing" with The Doctor. A thing that requires their minds to be wiped. A thing very much like a bank heist!

There are new characters introduced and they quickly drop. WHAT?! Are there clones, too? Haha. Well, why would we tell you that here? Don't be silly.

The Doctor revisits his desire for Clara for just an instant with a bout of jealous. Oh, you don't believe me you say? Find out for yourself when you watch Doctor Who online.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

Put on your cryin' Crocs and mix some vodka in your Mountain Dew, 'cuz we got some bad news for y'all:

Mama June Shannon and Sugar Bear Thompson broke up!

Mama June and Sugar Bear

Yes, Honey Boo Boo's ma and kinda-step-pa have called it quits after he was allegedly caught searching for cheating partners with an online dating profile.

While Shannon and Thompson were never legally married Mama June and Sugar Bear's commitment ceremony brought in record ratings for Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and the couple had been sporting wedding rings ever since.

Mama June is reportedly no longer wearing her ring, and she issued a statement to TMZ saying that she and her daughters will be moving out on Sugar Bear as soon as they finish filming the show's fifth season.

Dammit, we liked watching Honey Boo Boo because despite all their wacky backwoods ways, the family seemed like a stable one with genuine love for one another.

If we want to see a bunch of dysfunctional liars and cheaters, we'll watch the Kardashians, thank you very much.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

As you may have heard, hacked nude photos of hundreds of female celebs spread across the Internet like wildfire a few weeks back.

As you might not have heard, however, Kaley Cuoco nude pics were in amongst the avalanche of exposed butts and boobs.

Kaley Cuoco and Ruby!

Kaley is a huge star online, but she's nowhere near the A-list level of Jennifer Lawrence, plus her pics were pretty tame by comparison.

So while any violation of privacy is terrible and degrading, Kaley probably wasn't as deeply affected by the whole thing as some of her peers.

Which may be why when Kaley talked about the hacking scandal on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, she basically shrugged and said, "Meh."

"What are ya gonna do?" Kaley literally said before showing the "nude" photo of herself and Ryan Sweeting that she posted on Instagram to make fun of the whole thing. 

We're not sure what to make of that:

On the one hand, it's cool that Kaley is keeping the scandal in perspective, but by making light of it is she being insensitive toward all the other women who were impacted by it?

Eh...Kaley just signed a $90 million contract, she's probably not bothered by much these days.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

We always knew Taylor Swift has a wonderful, self-deprecating sense of humor, but we didn't realize just how adept at making fun of herself Swifty is until she joined Tumblr.

Yes, Taylor on Tumblr is the antidote to all the comment board hate, news about violent NFL players, and general asshattery that seems to dominate the Internet these days.

Take this perfect exchange, for example:

Recently, a fan described Tay-Tay as, "That aunt that tires to be hip with the young'ns and 'with the times' and asks what does bae stand for and then after you tell her she stars calling everything bae even the lamp next to the couch."

Instead of getting offended or pointing out the fan's desperate need for a lesson in punctuation, Taylor responded:


Basically, Taylor's been killing it in the comedy department, lately. First, the "Shake It Off" video left us with dozens of hilarious GIFs:

Then she posted an epic ode to fall online that both skewered and celebrated pumpkin spice mania. 

If this whole music thing doesn't work out, she may be able to fall back on a career in stand-up.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

Kylie Jenner may only be 17, but she's a Kardashian (kinda), so even though she's not an entertainer in any real way, the world has been watching her every move since she was a tween.

And the world has noticed that she was a tween with normal-sized lips that don't look like some sort of Jolie allergen experiment gone wrong:

Yes, the debate over whether or not Kylie has had lip injections shouldn't really be a debate at all, as anyone with a set of eyes and even the most basic understanding of human biology can see that there's nothing natural about Kylie's oral transformation.

But Kylie is the daughter of the human spin-machine known as Kris Jenner, so naturally there's plenty of online chatter about how it's just lip liner.

Ya know, the kind of lip liner you apply with a hypodermic needle.

No, the best explanation here is that Kylie is jealous of Kendall Jenner's modeling career, and she's looking for a way to stand out herself.

Unfortunately, she's taking a cue from her older half-sisters and using her body to attract all the wrong kids of attention.

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