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by Kan YAY West at . Comments

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 9 Episode 19 aired for 90 minutes on Sunday and featured two big surprises:

  1. Kourtney Kardashian told Scott Disick she's expecting the couple's third child.
  2. Kris Jenner shocked Kim Kardashian by throwing her a bridal party.

How did Scott react to the first announcement? Very well, of course, because he's grounded and mature and not at all a drama king. JUST KIDDING!

Dude totally freaked and tried to run away.

Meanwhile, Kim wasn't psyched about being the center of a surprise shower, but she hid her irritation well and made a lot of small talk, revealing how many kids she and Kanye West may have someday.

She also got into it with Brody Jenner regarding the logisitics of her big day. How so? Good question.

Go watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online via TV Fanatic and find out now!

by Carissa Pavlica at . Comments

The new guy-pal ordered just for Clara now that her flirtation with The Doctor is over was introduced on Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 2. Danny Pink is a fellow school teacher and a former soldier with a soft inner core. The Doctor really doesn't like soldiers.

Concern about the friendship between Clara and Danny is evident as soon as The Doctor tells a brave soldier she's left to her own devices -- after helping them successfully navigate the innards of a Dalek -- because he doesn't like soldiers.

There is a lot about himself he doesn't know, such as whether he is a good man. If he looks to Clara for those answers perhaps he'll seek her counsel when he meets her new friend.

Eh! None of that mushy stuff snuffed the excitement as The Doctor and Clara were shrunk to infiltrate the insides of a "good" Dalek! The Doctor thinks that's an oxymoron that must be repaired. Clara disagrees.

Meet Danny and see who is right about the Dalek when you watch Doctor Who online!

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

As you've likely heard by now, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married last weekend.

They kept a tight lid on things, and the ceremony was an inexpensive low-key affair, proving once again that Brad and Angie are the anti-Kim and Kanye. (We'll take this opportunity to remind you again that the Kim and Kanye wedding had gold toilets.)

No photos have emerged yet, and knowing how private the Jolie-Pitts are, it's possible they never will. Fortunately, some anonymous guests have spilled the beans about some of the details. Here's what we know so far:

The Dress: Sources say Angie's dress was "very traditional, but very Angie, it was comfortable but plain white floor-length antique lace and silk." She reportedly wore a veil and a locket given to her by her late mother.

The Rings: Brad apparently helped design the couple's custom rings with help from famed designer Robert Procop. What a guy!

The Cost: An insider says the whole event was "practically free," as the couple held the ceremony on their own property and used their private chef for the reception. Jeez, why don't more couples do that?

Click here to check out some more Angelina and Brad wedding details.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

If you haven't see VH1's Dating Naked,'s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. 

People pair off and go on dates in the nude. As an added bonus, producers force the potential couples to engage in genital endangering sports like water-skiing while they're allowing everything to flap free.

It's entertaining enough, but no one ever thought it would amount to anything more than a few Valtrex prescriptions. How wrong we were:

Ashley Fonda and Alika Medeiros

Ashley Fonda and Alika Medeiros were married recently after meeting on the hook-up heavy reality show.

"We really deeply connected and he taught me things," said Ashley of 36 year-old self-described "sexual healer," Alika. We realized we both have the flower of life tattoo. I told one of the producers, 'I'm going to marry this man.'"

Naturally, the couple got married the way they met - in the buff.

"As a little girl, I definitely didn't picture having a naked wedding, but this was such a liberating experience," she adds. "I'm truly in love with Alika."

Okay, so Ashley and Alika sound wicked annoying, but it's still a much needed win for Dating Naked

Last time this series made the news it was because Jesse Nizewitz was upset that her vagina appeared on the show - a show in which she was naked the whole time.

by Vince Neil Young Jeezy at . Comments

Britney Spears has abruptly broken up with boyfriend David Lucado after 18 months together.

"Broken up" is probably too nice. Amazingly, Britney dumped Lucado for cheating on her!

Britney Spears Elton John Party

David apparently hooked up with some random girl on the dance floor recently, and this was caught on a video which was shopped around Hollywood!

The buyer? Her father Jamie Spears, who secured it and showed it to the pop superstar.

It's not clear from whom he bought it, but her dad and guardian said through his rep that he did what he had to do to protect Spears from the media and Lucado.

Spears, for her part, posted an Instagram video called "sh!tty day" and has confirmed she is single again, though she has not gone into any more detail.

Follow the above links for more details ... about what an absolute idiot David Lucado is.

Continue Reading...

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

It was a close call today for iconic comedienne Joan Rivers.

The controversial insult artist was undergoing vocal cord surgery in New York City when a complication caused her to be rushed to the ICU.

Joan Rivers Red Carpet Photo

According to reports, Rivers stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated.

Joan is 81-years-old and has already been subjected to numerous surgical procedures, so many of her fans were prepared for the worst.

Fortunately, earlier today, E! News' Ken Baker tweeted that Rivers condition has been upgraded to "stable," and the Fashion Police host is currently recovering. 

Fabulous news, as regardless of your opinions on Joan, there's no denying that she makes the world a more interesting place.

In a way, it's fitting that a woman who's spent her life tearing down egotistical celebs managed to upstage Brad Pitt and Angerlina Jolie on the day we learned that they got married.

Get well and get back to dissing A-listers soon, Joan!

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

Kim Kardashian has been married to Kanye West for over three months now, so naturally they've started fighting about the most idiotic things. Let the countdown to divorce begin!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Prague

Kim and Kanye bought a $20 million mansion in Hidden Hills, CA earlier this month. Because KK and 'Ye are the living embodiment of first world problems, they've reportedly done nothing but argue about the extravagant purchase ever since.

Sources say Kim wants to move into the mansion (and out of Kris Jenner's house) immediately, whereas Kanye wants to gut the place for a million in renovations.

Yes, Kim and Kanye are fighting over plans for their $20 million mansion. They've officially achieved maximum Kim and Kanye.

In fairness to Kim, she has reason to be worried. She and Kanye had previously spent several months and untold millions building a house of their own.

Kanye reportedly scrapped the project when it didn't perfectly match his vision.

So we're gonna go ahead and side with Kim on this one. You don't marry an egomaniacal millionaire D-bag just to end up living with your mom.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

Yes, you read that headline correctly! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are married!

After nearly a decade together, Pitt and Jolie announced their engagement in 2012 and got married in a small ceremony at Chateau Miraval in France on Saturday.

A rep for the couple confirmed that all six Jolie-Pitt children played a part in the ceremony, with Shiloh and Knox serving as ring bearers.

Angelina had previously stated that her kids were the "wedding planners" for her big day.

Neither Brad nor Angie has spoken publicly about the wedding yet, but we'll keep you posted on the details of the big day as they emerge.

In the meantime, we'd like to offer our sincerest congrats to one of our favorite couples - not only on the wedding itself, but on somehow managing to keep the whole thing a secret!

by Carissa Pavlica at . Comments

While Chelsea was busy dealing with the consequences of Adam's arrest (AGAIN), Jenelle was busy planning her own baby shower and generally not giving a crap about her new "family" in Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 20.

Why is Nathan drinking so soon after getting out of jail, anyway? Other than that he's a complete idiot, of course?

It's hard to point fingers when you drink all the time yourself (yes, Barbara, wine is alcohol), but it's just pathetic when Jace has to sit there and listen to his new daddy argue with his grandma over family (Nathan conveniently forgets his own daughter, Emery is a part of it) and their drinking habits.

But, hey! It's been a whole DAY since Nathan had a drink! So THERE. In your face, Barbara!

Jenelle just sits there and takes it like it's all too much for her to absorb anymore. And, maybe it is.

Find out what else went down when you watch Teen Mom 2 online!

by Kan YAY West at . Comments

Ready to Bring It, readers?

Or, more specifically, to have it brought to YOU?

On the latest episode of this Lifetime hit, Miss D got the Baby Dancing Dolls ready to go up against the Baby Prancing Tigerettes, their top rival by a large margin.

Meanwhile, the Dancing Doll Parents - yes, the parents! - also took center stage, performing a full routine during the competition. Fun, right?!? Maybe a little?

Not so much for Crystianna's aunt, who struggled to keep up with the rest of the squad. Was she able to finish off the dance number? Find out when you watch Bring It online below!

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