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Teresa Giudice is facing a possible prison sentence, and the ratings of the show that made her famous are at an all-time low, but believe it or not, she may have actually found a way to make her situation even worse.

Teresa Giudice

Teresa made the baffling decision to bite the hand that feeds her and feud with Bravo boss Andy Cohen last week, and the move may cause the Housewife to suffer one final humiliation before she gets locked up.

Sources at the network say that due to a combination of factors including declining viewership, her exorbitant salary, and, of course, her feud with Cohen, Teresa is soon to be fired from The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

"Bravo bosses are starting to think Teresa isn't worth keeping around if her behavior continues," an insider tells Radar Online. "The network is very sensitive to the fact that she's facing a looming prison sentence and has tried to work with her during this difficult time."

In addition to picking fights with the people who sign her paychecks, Teresa hasn't been fulfilling her professional obligations:

"But Teresa has cut back substantially on media appearances to promote the show and has been acting like a diva."

So, yeah, it's sounding like she's long for The Real Housewives world. But look at the bright side, Teresa: you'll probably be locked up and unable to film, anyway.

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A troubling report from Jay Z and Beyonce's On the Run tour claims the hip hop power couple will call it quits after their final perfomance in September.

Photos from the tour confirm that Jay and Beyonce have stopped wearing wedding rings and made clear to their inner circle that they won't be touring or, for that matter, doing anything together following the conclusion of On the Run.

jay-z beyonce pic

"There are no rings, if you haven't noticed," says a source close to the couple. "[Right now] they are trying to figure out a way to split without divorcing...This is a huge concert tour and they've already gotten most of the money from the promoters up front."

The insider adds that Jay and Bey are only maintaining the illusion that they're still together for business purposes.

While things have seemed to be going downhill for the Carters ever since the now-infamous Solange-Jay Z fight back in May, the source says they've actually been having problems since shortly after they exchanged vows:

"For just a split moment, things got real for them and she was even talking about adding to the family. They made the classic mistake of thinking a baby would change everything and help to rekindle the initial fire and it didn't."

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Farrah Abraham is one of a kind. Most train wreck celebs are just one kind of dumb, but Farrah likes to mix it up, and we never know what sort of uniquely stupid gem will pop out of her mouth next.

Farrah Abraham Photo

In just the past week, Farrah said her daughter should make a sex tape (she's 5), compared herself to The Wolf of Wall Street, and informed us that the Malaysia Airlines crash made her say, "Whoa."

Oh, she also thinks Sandra Bullock should play her in a movie.

But what might ne dumber than all of that is Farrah's attempt today to fix Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett's marital troubles with her line of sex toys.

Yes, Farrah applied all her life skills and years of experience with long term relationships to the task of rescuing two people she never met from the brink of divorce. With dildos:

“Sex toys are a healthy thing," said Farrah in an interview. "I think too many people don’t get sex toys. They go off the deep end with partners."

"I think of Hank Baskett right now. I heard Kendra and him are having some troubles. I think this might help. I think cheating is bad, sex toys are good.”

Well, there ya go. Farrah's got the answer for everything. If only someone would just ask her about this Israel situation, we'd be all set.

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Say what you will about Jenelle Evans, the girl makes cute kids.

Jenelle gave birth to her second son on June 29, and she shared a bunch of photos of little Kaiser with her Twitter followers today.

The tranquil pics of Jenelle, Kaiser, and proud dad Nathan Griffith stand in sharp contrast to the pre-delivery drama.

First, there was Jenelle sharing her frustration and begging the kid to be born already, a plea she posted along with this photo:

Jenelle Evans Pregnant Photo

Then there was the delivery itself:

"She was screaming for eight hours straight," said Nathan about Jenelle's labor pains.

He also assured OK! magazine that "there were no drigs in [Jenelle's] system" at the time of the birth.

Well, okay then. Doesn't inspire much confidence when a new dad has to say something like that, but to Jenelle's credit, Kaiser entered the world at a healthy 7 lbs., 10 oz.

Let's just hope his parents can jeep their stuff together.

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Jason Biggs has been on fire in the worst possible way this week.

In a way, you've gotta respect his ability to find new and unique ways to piss off his Twitter followers. In another way, you've gotta be disgusted by some of his comments and his bizarre need for constant attention.

Jason Biggs

As you've probably heard by now, a Malaysia Airlines flight crashed on the border of Russia and Ukraine today. It is, of course, the second Malaysia Airlines flight to crash in the past five months, a fact that prompted Biggs to tweet:

"Anyone want to buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?"

Oh, Jason. Way, way too soon, dude.

If you're keeping track at home, that marks the second time this week that Biggs has raised eyebrows (and possibly concerns about his mental health) on Twitter.

On Tuesday, Biggs took a selfie while driving with his wife breastfeeding in the background. Classy stuff.

Hey, at least he didn't mock a dead Bachelorette contestant this time.


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If you're one of the few women on earth who's immune to Ryan Gosling's charms, prepare to have your defenses broken down.

It seems that in addition to looking the way he looks, Ryan has behaved like an ideal partner for Eva Mendes throughout the first seven months of her pregnancy.

  • Ryan Gosling Photo
  • Eva Mendes Photo

For whatever reason, Eva wanted to keep her pregnancy under wraps at first. Maybe she didn't want her body to be scrutinized by the tabloids, or maybe she rightfully assumed that if the women of the world found out she was pregnant by Ryan Gosling, it would become unsafe for her to got outside.

Either way, Gosling not only supported her decision, he did everything in his power to make the recluse life easier on her.

Yes, Gosling cooked, cleaned, and grocery shopped for seven months.

Sources say he basically waited on Eva hand and foot in order to ensure that she was as comfortable ads possible while hiding out at his apartment.

What a guy, eh? He looks okay with his shirt off, too.

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by Johnny Drama at . Comments

Oh, no. Farrah Abraham has somehow hit a new low.

While discussing her sex tape in a recent interview (Does she ever talk about anything else?), Farrah was asked how she would react if her daughter made a sex tape of her own. Her answer is depressing beyond belief:

Farrah Abraham Photo

"She'll be like, 'I had to try it,'" said Farrah about her five-year-old daughter Sophia.

"Then i'll be like, 'Oh, you already did it, so I'm just going to say make sure you know what you're doing with it.' I'll be like, 'This is what happened to me as your mom.' It's mommy talk."

"It's the birds and the bees," she goes on. "So you just share, 'Look I learned this from it. I hope you don't do that. Read Celebrity Sex Tape, learn some lessons from Fallon Opal [the heroine of Farrah's novel].' That's really all I can say."

Yes, Farrah assumes her daughter will star in a publicly-cirsulated sex tape. Yes, she managed to slip in a plug for her "erotic novel." Yes, she just cemented as the most horrific of the Teen Mom alums.


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Kate Gosselin never ceases to amaze us.

A new tell-all book about the awful mother of eight has revealed that Kate is even more atrocious than we had initially thought, and the bombshell excerpts show no signs of stopping. 

Kate Gosselin Apprentice

First we learned that Kate used her kids to help make her famous. Then we learned that she was frequently abusive toward her husband and children.

Today's revelation isn't quite as bad, but still goes along way toward demonstrating what a rotten husk of a human being Kate is.

Kate apparently laid crazy demands on the poor TLC talent coordinators responsible for making travel plans for the Gosselins.

During one trip to New York City to promote Jon & Kate Plus 8, Kate ordered up a list of luxuries that must be seen to be believed.

Highlights include: a specific room at the upscale Essex ("A room down the hall even one room further will not work!"), a detailed menu for each night of her stay (Kobe beef tips on Wednesday!), and a hilariously specific list of items from Whole Foods for her hotel fridge.

Check out the full list of Kate's travel demands here.


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Tamra Barney turned 46 recently, but her face could pass for about half that age.

Astonishingly, Tamra has denied for years that she's received any sort of plastic surgery. 

Tamra's bold. to be sure, but even the most brazen of Housewives can't stand up to the interrogation tactics of Bravo boss man Andy Cohen.

Tamra Barney

Appearing on Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, Tamra finally admitted she's had work done, but only after Cohen relentlessly badgered her on the subject.

"Have you done something to your face?" Cohen asked, point blank.

Initially, Tamra held firm, stating "Nothing, zero."

An admirably candid Cohen rebutted, "Fillers. I feel like I'm looking at fillers."

"I haven't. I mean, come on, I'm honest," Tamra shot back, before sheepishly adding, "Maybe just a little."

Comeon, Tamra! There's nothing wrong with a few minor surgical enhancements, but lying about it just makes you look foolish.

You're gonna be a grandmother soon. No one would blame you getting an injection or two if it helps you feel young!

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Kendall Jenner and Instagram were made for each other.

One is looked at every day by millions of narcissists who religiously study the art of the selfie, and the other is a popular photo-sharing site.

In all seriousness, though, Kendall's blossoming modeling career is at least partially thanks to Instagram, so naturally she kept the love affair going yesterday in true Kardashian-Jenner fashion:

Kendall Jenner Topless Selfie

With partial nudity! Yes, Kendall's lingerie photo has been steaming up screens all over the world - a fact made slightly less creepy (we guess) by the fact that KJ is now 18 and legal to ogle.

Hilariously, Kendall has has inherited her older half-sisters' sense of self-importance, as well as their taste for revealing outfits, as evidenced by the fact that she captioned the photo simply, "Me."

Well, at least Kendall has an excuse - she's still a teenager! Kim and Khloe are just as self-absorbed and half-naked and they're in their thirties!

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