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by Johnny Drama at . Comments

The rumors about Bruce Jenner's sex change have been circulating for about as long as we can remember, and we might finally find out for sure if the Olympian-turned-reality-star is actually transitioning.

Earlier today, it was reported that Jenner would reveal his sex change plans in an upcoming interview that would be followed by an E! reality show.

Bruce Jenner April 2013

Hours later, TMZ confirmed that the Bruce's reality show was a go and that a camera crew has already spent several months documenting the ups and downs of his transition.

If it's true, we tip our hats to Bruce. It's a bold and brave way to share his struggles with the world and serve as an inspiration to millions of others.

But we must admit, we're a little worried that Kris Jenner's reaction to Bruce's "coming out" will cause us to lose even more respect for the Mad Momager. (One production source says Kris "lost it" when she found out.)

However, Bruce's kids have reportedly been "extremely supportive" so that's something to look forward to. Dammit, now we're all excited for a show that might not even happen.

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Brace yourself: Lindsay Lohan did something stupid! Actually, she did a whole slew of stupid things and for once, she might actually face some consequences. 

Here's a rundown:

Lindsay Lohan C Restaurant

Earlier this week, we learned that Lindsay was scrambling to complete community service that was supposed to be finished in November.

She contracted an untreatable virus during a recent vacation and decided to use that as an excuse, even though she got sick in late December and the service hours were supposed to be completed in November.

The judge took pity on her and gave her until today to fulfill the service requirement.

Naturally, at the last minute, Lindsay provided a progress report stating that she done everything that court had asked.

And of course it took about 4 seconds before the prosecutor accused Lindsay of lying, because, duh...of course she lied.

Linds wasn't actually in court, but a letter she submitted claims that she was in two places at once (She must have met her Parent Trap twin!) and that she counted activities like greeting fans as community service.

Needless to say, the court was not happy, and Lindsay might actually be screwed this time.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

In what may be the most extreme response to a stinky genitals joke in history, Joanna Krupa revealed last week that she plans to sue Brandi Glanville for comments the reality star made on Watch What Happens Live.

  • brandi glanville
  • joanna krupa black bikini

In fairness, Brandi would not let up on the rumors that Krupa's vagina smells, and she seemed to bring it up every chance she got.

At first we (and presumably Brandi) assumed that Krupa was just bluffing and angling for an apology. 

No dice, however, as it was reported today that Krupa will sue Glanville for $15,000 and is demanding that the case be decicded by a jury of their peers. 

Frankly, we think Andy Cohen should just host the first-ever episode of Real Housewife Court and settle the matter on Bravo, but it looks like we'll have no such luck.

Joanna is serious. Serious about having a courtroom of grownups discuss the relative stank-ness of her vadge.

We're no legal experts, but we feel like this is one of those situations where even if she wins, she really loses.

Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online to marvel at the lack of a filter between Brandi's brain and mouth.

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Today was an odd one for Taylor Swift.

It began with news that a an imprisoned child pornographer is claiming Taylor stole his life story as inspiration for her 1989 album.

How does a day get worse from there? Glad you asked:

Bob Trend - Taylor Swift

The pervs of the Internet spent the afternoon waiting with bated breath for nude photos of Taylor to hit the web after the Instagram and Twitter accounts were hacked.

The attack was shut down and Taylor says no nudes of her existed in the first place, but still...creepy.

So while they didn't steal any revealing pics, the hackers did allegedly obtain some of Taylor's Twitter direct messages.

They're pretty tame (as you would expect), but one exchange reveals that Taylor recently made plans to play cards with Nick Jonas.

It's a little weird considering Swifty's ugly breakup with Joe Jonas inspired several of her early ballads, but hey, if that's the most embarrassing thing to come out of this leak, Taylor should consider herself seriously lucky.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

A housekeeper who was formerly employed by Kim and kompany family has spilled the Kardashian's secrets to Star magazine, and the result is...well, it's pretty much exactly what you would expect:

Aside from the revelation that Kim is super nice and Kris is "the life of the party" who bumps into walls when she gets sloshed, there's not a whole lot here that will shock, but the details are entertaining, nonetheless.

Among the revelations:

  • Scott Disick is a drunk. ("He would leave empty bottles of alcohol all over the place," says the housekeeper.)
  • Bruce Jenner likes to to engage in some low-key cross-dressing. ("He’d hide [women's underwear] under his bed. I guess he didn't want his family to know.”
  • Best of all - Kanye stinks. Literally. ("One time, Kim asked me to wash Kanye's white T-shirt. It reeked of the worst body odor I have ever smelled. There were armpit stains that were soaking wet. It made me shiver.”

Yikes. Imagine the odor coming off of those leather sweat pants when he's through with them.

Jump into the gallery above for more no-longer secrets. Spoiler alert: Kourtney kinda sucks.

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Seemingly overnight, Mia Khalifa became the number one porn star on the Internet. 

If you haven't heard of her,'re not the kind of person who pays much attention to the popularity of up-and-coming porn stars.

  • Mia Khalifa
  • Drake and Rihanna Image

But apparently, there are people who pay a lot of attention to such matters. They range from the Islamic extremists who have Khalifa with death threats (seriously) to the most sensitive Canadian in hip hop.

That's right, we're talking about Drake. Or, should we say, the man whose name rhymes with "rake."

You see, Ms. Khalifa was interviewed on Miami a radio talk show last night, and she was asked if she's been hit on by any famous dudes.

At first, Mia tried to dodge the question, then admitted that she had been subjected to the "cringeworthy" flirtations of a celeb whose name rhymes with "rake."

Then the host joked about the dude sending her sad-faced semi-nude selfies and she told him he hit the nail on the head.

So yeah. Drake tried to bang Mia Khalifa and the result was "cringeworthy." We're sure he's penning a weepy, auto-tuned ballad about the experience at this very moment. 

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

In the world of celebrity gossip, it doesn't get any better than when two A-listers get together. Okay, maybe it's better if one or both of them is already taken (looking at you, Brad and Angie).

Still, stories like Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna hooking up is what we live for, and that little tidbit just got juicier.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio Beard
  • Rihanna eyebrows

It seems Leo and RiRi's recent makeout session at the Playboy mansion wasn't a one-time thing. In fact, sources claim Rihanna and DiCaprio have been hooking up for years.

The latest issue of Us Weekly claims that Cap and RiRi first met back in 2009. Leo was reportedly instantly smitten and the two kicked off a friends with benefits arrangement.

They were spotted hanging out again a couple years later at Coachella. The Playboy party is the first time Leo and Ri were spotted hooking up in public, but according to insiders, it may not be the last:

"They like each other's company," says one source. "Neither one is looking to make this anything more than fun. This is a no strings kind of deal."

It's a shame they have no interest in getting serious. RiRi might be the only famous woman who could keep pace with Leo's partying.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

It's been a tumultuous few months for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

It all started with Depp's drunk speech at the Hollywood Film Awards back in November. The whole thing was funny at first, then became embarrassing as everyone realized just how sloshed really was.

Might've been cool if he was a twenty-something rock star, not that awesome as a 51-year-old actor. So when rumors circulated that Depp's drinking was driving Amber away, well they weren't hard to believe.

Johnny Depp Amber Heard image

Then, something miraculous happened. Just in time for Depp to promote his current cinematic turd, Mortdecai, he and Heard seemed to reconcile. 

They've been attending premiere events together, and what's more - there's chatter that Johnny and Amber are already married.

There are rumors of Depp openly sporting a ring on that finger. Sources say it's not the "male engagement ring" he was rocking a few months ago, but a simpler piece that looks a lot like a wedding band.

Adding to the speculation is the fact that Depp recently dodged questions about the anniversary of his engagement.

Although, who knows? He might have just been too hammered to give a coherent answer. Here's hoping if they did get hitched, Johnny remembers it.

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Well, this is a surprise.

Not the part about Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian breaking up, of course. We figured that would happen eventually.

No, the surprising part is that several sources are reporting that Scott has moved out on Kourtney.

Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick pic

Yeah, we definitely didn't think the drunk baby daddy to end all drunk baby daddies would be the one to call it quits, but that Scott is full of crazy, drunken surprises.

"Scott has told Kourtney that he's moving out," one insider tells Us Weekly. "Everyone on the outside says she has to leave him."

"Kourt gave birth a month ago and he's already back to doing club appearances and binge drinking. It's not normal."

If just one tabloid was making that claim, we might be tempted to dismiss it as BS. When two tabloids carry the same report,'s probably still BS, but we're a bit more inclined to believe it:

The latest issue of Life & Style proclaims that Scott dumped Kourtney just 20 days after she gave birth to the couple's third child.

"He’s had it with the nonstop nagging and another ultimatum was the last straw," a (presumably different) source claims. "He screamed at her, ‘I’m not living by your rules anymore!’ And that’s when he dumped her."

Well, ya can't blame the guy. Her rules did include, "Try to occasionally act like a dad." You can't expect Scott to put up with that forever.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

You might think that Teresa Giudice being locked up for the next year would effectively remove her from most celebrity gossip conversations, but somehow, the Housewife-turned-inmate is still making headlines.

At first, all we kept hearing is that Teresa is being treated just like everyone else in the big house.

She makes 12 cents an hour doing manual labor, shares a small space with five cellmates, eats awful food, etc.

Now, a report from In Touch makes it sound as though Teresa may have it a little easier on the inside than we initially thought...and it's rubbing her fellow prisoners the wrong way:

Teresa Giudice

"They don't like her because the think she gets special treatment," one insider tells the tabloid. "She'll get a job in the kitchen when other inmates are told there are no openings. She gets to eat before the main line at lunch and dinner."

Worse than that, Teresa reportedly received preference in  when it comes to the most important thing in a prisoner's life - visitors:

"Her kids were approved for visits the day she arrived," the source claims, adding that new inmates have been known to wait months for their guest lists to be approved.

But it's not all doom and gloom. It turns out Teresa has made a few friends:

"She's met some women who are acting nice to her, but she knows to watch her back," the insider claims. "Teresa talks to quite a few women now, mainly the women who teach the exercise classes and her roommates."

"She was dancing with them the other day and asked them to teach her how to twerk. They thought it was funny."

And they say prisoners don't learn anything useful on the inside.

Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online to see what Teresa's life was like before she learned the Jailhouse Twerk.

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