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by Johnny Drama at . Comments

Yesterday, we reported that Teresa Giudice's house was raided by federal agents as a result of her failure to set up payment plans for the her restitution and the judgments against her.

That story has yet to be confirmed, but if it's true, it's just the latest in a long line of profoundly stressful ordeals for the reality star and her family have endured in recent months.

Joe and Teresa Guidice

So perhaps it's not surprising that insiders say Teresa is paranoid and may be showing signs of a nervous breakdown.

"There is a lot of paranoia going on with Teresa as she prepares to go to prison on January 5," a source tells Radar Online.

"Teresa doesn't want to talk to anyone on the phone because she thinks that all of the phones in the house, along with the cell phones, are tapped. She also believes that her parents' phones are tapped."

"In the past several weeks, Teresa has been buying disposable cell phones, and keeps conversations very short."

Teresa is reportedly also deeply concerned by the possibility of her husband cheating on her or filing for divorce while she's serving her 15-month sentence.

Sadly, her suspicions may not be unfounded.

Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online to see the Giudices in happier times. 

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There's nothing quite like a rap beef, but there are some caveats to that:

It's only fun if both parties agree to keep things thoroughly non-violent and stick to tearing each other down in song form.

So we're not quite enjoying this Iggy Azalea vs. Azealia Banks feud yet, because they're just taking pot shots at each other on Twitter and haven't gotten down to the business of recording diss tracks.

  • Iggy Azalea
  • Azealia Banks Photo

But while the whole thing is interesting, this isn't the kind of front row seats, popcorn-munching junk food feud we're accustomed to.

Believe it or not, these ladies are debating some issues that affect all of us. It all started when Banks mentioned Iggy in a radio interview earlier today: 

"In this country," Banks said. "Whenever it comes to our things, like black issues or black politics, or black music, or whatever, there's always this undercurrent of kinda like, 'F-ck you...Y'all don't really own sh-t.'"

"That Macklemore album wasn't better than the Drake record. That Iggy Azalea sh-t isn't better than any f--king black girl that's rapping today."

Iggy heard the interview, took offense, and round two of the Iggy vs. Banks feud was on.

"Special msg for Banks," she tweeted last night. "There are many black artists succeeding in all genres. The reason you haven't is because of your piss poor attitude."

"Your inability to be responsible for your own mistakes, bullying others, the inability to be humble or have self-control. It's YOU!"

"You created your own unfortunate situation by being a bigot and don't have the mental capacity to realize it. Probably never will...That's why you're crying on the radio."

"Dear Lord, I pray for this white girl," Banks responded. "The interview was about things way beyond your mental capacity. *sighs in sophisticated black girl*"

"Itchy Areola, you are so stupid and selfish to make this about yourself in particular."

Okay, so they took some dumb, funny jabs at each other ("Itchy Areola," LOLZ!), but for the most part they're operating on a higher plane than the usual celebrity gossip-tinged feud.

Leave it to the ladies to bring bring rap feuds to an intellectual level. Let's call them both winners and make them hug!

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

In the annals of celebrity gossip, there are few downfalls more memorable than that of Teresa Giudice.

The Queen Bee of her social circle just one year ago, Teresa will soon be trading in her tacky party dresses for a penitentiary orange jumpsuit, and the legal system seems to be doing everything it its power to make an example of the reality star and her husband.

Teresa Giudice

According to sources close to Teresa, the Giudice's home was raided yesterday by federal agents seeking cash and valuable property.

Joe and Teresa reportedly still owe upwards of $200,000 in restitution, and insiders say that they've failed to set up a payment plan, which prompted the government to take action.

The agents reportedly discovered a treasure trove of cash and high-end belongings, including, sadly, the kids' Christmas presents:

"Plasma televisions, expensive jewelry, cash, and even the kids Christmas presents were taken," says one insider.

"Teresa was home and was absolutely stunned by the raid. She had no clue they were coming. She was absolutely hysterical, and begging them not to take the girls' Christmas presents."

Yikes. Regardless of your feelings toward Teresa, you can't help but feel bad for her four daughters.

Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online to see the Giudices in happier times.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

Good news, reality show spin-off fans! Khloe and Lamar may be on the mend!

Sources say the reality star has taken to using her married name when signing autographs.

khloe kardashian tried to help lamar odom

That may not seem like a big deal on its own, but couple that with the fact that Khloe filed for divorce over a year ago, but still hasn't finalized her split, and you have a woman who's very reluctant to pull the plug on her marriage.

Fans who approached Khloe at last night's Clippers game claim that she signed autographs "Khloe Kardashian Odom."

It's an interesting development considering Khloe reportedly stopped using her married name months before she filed for divorce from Lamar.

As for Khloe's relationship with French Montana, well, your guess is as good as ours on that front.

They were together for a while, they broke up, they reunited in October, and now it seems they're on the outs again. So this could be Lamar's window of opportunity.

Watch Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons online to witness all the ups and downs of Khloe's wild love life.

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If you watch 19 Kids and Counting online, then you're familiar with the plight of Jana Duggar.

The girl is basically a modern-day, basic cable Cinderella, forced to devote so much time to helping raise her younger siblings that - at 24 - she's unable to have a life of her own.

Things have gotten so bad that Free Jana movements have spring up online, and the latest news from Duggar Land is unlikely to convince Jana devotees that they're being melodramatic.

Sources say Jana was ditched by the Duggars recently, when most of the family went on a missionary trip to El Salvador. 

Jana was reportedly left at home to take care of her four youngest siblings. Jessa Duggar remained stateside, but in the sort of detail that really drives home the Cinderella comparison, she was apparently being honored in a freaking parade!

"While Jessa is being treated like the homecoming princess, Jana is at home cooking, cleaning, and tending to four active, young kids," a source tells Star magazine.

"The Duggars make thousands of dollars per episode. If they have to be gone, they can afford to hire a babysitter now and then to give Jana a break."

Insiders say Jana is "exhausted" from a lifetime of helping to raise her younger siblings. We don't blame her. Were exhausted just hearing about it.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Radar Online is reporting that (hopefully made-up) sources claim Kendall Jenner is dating Chris Brown.

Awful news, or the worst news ever? You be the judge:

  • Cannes Opening Ceremy 2014: Kendall Jenner
  • Chris Brown Photo

"Kendall has thought Chris is hot for years now and has always idolized him," an insider tells Radar.

Yup. "Idolized." We'll give you a moment to wipe the vom off your keyboard.

The source claims Kendall and Breezy hung out the same night that Chris went off on Karrueche Tran while in stage, effectively ending his longest relationship in front of thousands of screaming fans.

Believe it or not, there are some silver linings to this dark, dark cloud. For one thing, Kendall might be using Chris for fame.

"Kendall conveniently latches on to whomever can make her more famous," the source says. "She is game for anything that will get her the most exposure."

Atta girl! Also, her sisters are apparently very much not okay with this rumor:

"Kendall tells her sisters they are not hooking up," the source claims. "They would never be okay with Chris Brown dating their little sister. No one would."

And just like that, Kim and kompany have regained our respect.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

Kathie Lee Gifford has become the newest name on the ever-growing list of women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual misconduct.

Gifford says Cosby tried to kiss her while she his opening act on a comedy tour in the late 70s:

"I will admit, toward the very, very end of the last time I saw him, he did try to kiss me," Gifford revealed on her show.

"I said, 'Bill, no, we're friends,' and he said, 'OK, goodnight.'"

bill cosby

Gifford's story isn't as shocking as those of the alleged victims who came before her, but she points out a similarity between her own experiences and Beverly Johnson's accusations against Cosby:

"Every night we'd come off stage and Bill would be going on stage, and he would have made cappuccinos for all three of us," Gifford said. 

"And I always thought it was such a kindness and so sweet and now you see Beverly Johnson saying he made her a cappuccino."

Johnson says Cosby drugged her cappuccino as part of an attempt to rape her.

Gifford made her revelation on the Today show this morning. The night before, an unidentified woman claimed that Cosby drugged her and licked her toes during a party at the Playboy Mansion in 2008.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

Surprise! Scott Disick is drinking again.

Yes, despite the fact that Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to the couple's third child on Sunday, sources say Scott is probably (read: definitely) still boozing.

Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick pic

"If he is getting drunk, it is not around her or around the kids right now," a source tells Radar Online. "Everyone is hoping a third kid will make him realize what he has."

Yeah, there's really no "if" about it. Scott is definitely hitting the bottle. Just last week Disick went on a bender in Vegas that reportedly almost brought an end to his relationship.

Insiders claim Scott's cleaned up his act somewhat since the baby was born (all of two days ago), but we'll see how long he keeps that up.

For now, Scott and Kourtney are keeping everything about the baby under wraps, including its name and photos.

The source says the mystery name "has a significant meaning to both [Kourtney] and Scott."

Watch Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons to see Disick and Kardashian do their best to make things work.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

It's rare that we're confused by Kim Kardashian.

Don't get us wrong, we're often confused by the fact that she's one of the world's most famous women despite her apparent lack of talent, but the woman herself is usually fairly straight-forward:

kim kardashian 6

She's not some cryptic anti-hero on an HBO drama, for Pete's sake; she's Kim Kardashian. She likes showing off her giant butt, spending money, and taking selfies. 

Or so we thought. On Season 1 Episode 7 of Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons, Kim subverted our expectations and made us question everything we know:

"Khloe's ass is so big, you guys," Kim randomly blurted while looking at photos of her sis. "She needs to drop a couple lbs."

Scott Disick aptly pointed out that the K-gals are only famous because of their sizable backsides, to which Kim replied:

"I don't care. I want a flat ass now."

Yes, it was a bit like hearing Lindsay Lohan complain about an excess of cocaine, and it's got us feeling that up is down, black is white, and flat is badonkadonk.

Watch Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons online to have your mind unexpectedly blown by the Zen koans of Kim Kardashian.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

If you're like us, you'd probably hoped to never again hear the words "Mama June Shannon" in that order.

Well unfortunately, she's back in the headlines, and while the latest from the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarch isn't quite as awful as when June was dating the man who molested her daughter, it still might put you off your lunch:

Mama June and Sugar Bear

Yes, all last week we were bracing ourselves for a June Shannon sex tape.

The sadists over at Vivid Entertainment reportedly offered June and her baby daddy Sugar Bear upwards of a $1 million to do it on camera, because that's the world we live in now.

Thankfully June says she won't do porn for "a zillion dollars." We don't want to know if she thinks that's a real number or not:

"I have more respect for myself and my kids and my family," June said of the offer from Vivid Entertainment. "It ain't happening. Not even for a zillion dollars."

Of course, the real reason we're happy that June didn't seal the deal isn't because she and Sugar bear aren't exactly the most boner-inducing couple, but because we're not too keen on living in a world where dating a child molester is the ticket to seven-figure earning power.

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