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Shelly and Kristan Photo


We’re Shelly and Kristan. We are friends, moms, wives, bakers, and bloggers (Obviously…since you’re reading this on our BLOG right now).

We love our kids, our husbands, sugar, make-up, shoes we can’t afford, and are big fans of awkward silences and the Reality TV Ugly Cry (let’s be honest…too much Botox does not a pretty cry make).

We met through our food blogs and became fast friends. Partly because we loved all the same stuff and partly because we realized that we were too strange for anyone else to handle. If we didn’t pair up, we were probably facing an eternity of Internets Loneliness.

We LOVE our celebrity gossip...we basically majored in it in fake internetty college. Our husbands are happy we have found an outlet for all the useless celebrity info that takes up our brain space...ahem, translation, they are glad they don't have to listen to it anymore!

Thanks for reading!

Shelly and Kristan

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