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Posted by Shelly Jaronsky

Julia Roberts is finally talking about the suicide of her half-sister, Nancy Motes.

In this month's WSJ Magazine, Julia speaks out how she has dealt with the loss...kinda.

Julia Roberts WSJ Magazine cover

Nancy Motes, Julia's half-sister, was found dead in her apartment of an apparent drug overdose on February 9th of this year.

The suicide note that Nancy left talked about her relationship with Julia...which was completely left out of the interview. Watch the clip below about Julia's and Nancy's relationship. The brother of Nancy Motes' fiance claims Julia was an abusive bully...

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Posted by Shelly Jaronsky

I guess Oprah isn't giving out her number to the Lohans!

Dina Lohan tried to get ahold of Oprah the night that the Lindsay finale aired on OWN by tweeting her...

DIna Lohan pic

The tweet read, "Oprah call me", when the show aired on Sunday night.

I guess that viewers weren't the only ones hearing the news of Lindsay's miscarriage for the first time. Forget the fact that the entire world thinks this miscarriage story is a load of poop, but Dina desperately wanted to talk to Mama Oprah about it...

Seeing as though Oprah doesn't just give her number out to the likes of Dina, she was left to tweet. Like the rest of us.

It seems fairly safe to say that Dina was hearing about the miscarriage with the rest of the world, and wasn't thrilled about it. I mean, twitter does have a "Direct Message" feature, Dina, that you can use to send PRIVATE MESSAGES!

Anyhow, I think we can all assume Oprah didn't respond to Dina's demands.

Do you believe the miscarriage story?

Posted by Kristan Roland

Baby body be damned.  New moms Jenna Dewan Tatum and Kristen Bell are baring it ALL in the May 2014 issue of Allure Magazine.

Titled the "Nude Issue," Dewan and Bell are joined by Minnie Driver and Nia Long.  Said Dewan of famous husband Channing Tatum's thoughts on her feature, "Chan was really on board with it— he knows I'm very comfortable in my own skin."

"Frozen" superstar and new mom Kristen Bell told Allure, "I talk a big game about being comfortable in my skin. I wanted to put my money where my mouth was."

I have to say, I love them both and they are both looking pretty bangin'.

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Posted by Shelly Jaronsky

I mean, really. What did he expect? He went out like a lion on After the Final Rose last season, basically telling Chris Harrison where to stick it...and now Juan Pablo is reacting to the new promo for Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette...and it ain't pretty.

Juan Pablo face picture

He feels, "embarrassed...used. He doesn't like being the butt of a joke." A source says about Juan.

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Posted by Kristan Roland

Talk about a complicated friendship!  US Weekly is reporting that Tiger Woods' girlfriend Lindsey Vonn and his ex-wife Elin Nordegren have become close friends.

Nordgren apparently reached out to the Olympian when it became obvious that she'd be spending a great deal of time with Nordegren and Wood's kids, daughter Sam (6) and Charlie (5).  After they met, Nordegren realized that she really liked Vonn and her strong personality.

Tiger Woods and Lindsay Vonn Photo

Maybe she feels that a strong woman is just what Tiger needs.  He and Nordegren famously divorced in 2010 after it was revealed that he had cheated on her with DOZENS of women.

A source says that the group recently went on vacation together and the women would occasionally pair off to get drinks, leaving the golfer with the children.

Let's be real -- I'm sure there was a nanny around, too.

Vonn and Woods first went public with their relationship about a year ago after meeting at a charity event and becoming friends.  I wouldn't be surprised if they are engaged soon!

Photo:  WENN

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Posted by Shelly Jaronsky

Well, this season has been fun so far, don't you think? I didn't anticipate really enjoying it much, as there aren't any celebs that I super-liked. Although the return of Maks this year has been ab-tastic. Although, he has definitely become the nice guy with his partner Meryl, who is so very obviously in mad love with my Maks.

Anyhow, back to last night...

Dancing With the Stars picture

The bottom three were Danika McKellar, Candace Bure and Drew Carey. The thing with DWTS is that the bottom three aren't necessarily the bottom 3. I feel like they just put people "jeopardy" to create tension and drama...hence pitting McKellar against Bure.

In the end it was funnyman, Drew Carey's time to go.

He sure was full of joy, that guy. Do you think Drew should have been eliminated?

Posted by Shelly Jaronsky

Tonight is the night! Who's watching? The premiere of Tori Spelling's new show True Tori seems both salacious and sad.

The couple allowed a film crew into their couple's therapy session to work through their marital issues after Dean's cheating scandal last December. Word on the street is Tori wants Dean humiliated in the public.

Watch the extended clip of the new show...

McDermott starts by saying, “We have four kids, so in the sex department there were ebbs and flows. Is that safe to say?”

Tori responds by saying, "We had a great relationship, and we had a great sex life" to which Dean counters with, "We had sex once every two weeks,” he says. “It wasn’t fantastic."

Holy Batman! Homeboy needs a lesson in getting out of the doghouse. Teling your wife that your intimate time isn't fantastic ain't getting it done, man.

I am sure Dean was referring to quantity not quality. RIGHT DEAN?

Finally the therapist say, "Dean, your expectations of what a marriage is supposed to be like sexually, it’s like a fairytale".

Thank you. Husbands across America, listen and learn :)

True Tori airs on Lifetime tonight, April 22, at 10pm EST on Lifetime

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Posted by Kristan Roland

After last night's shocking announcement that she suffered a miscarriage, Lindsay Lohan is keeping the bombshells coming.  In an interview with Kode Magazine, Lohan, who drank vodka throughout the meeting, revealed that she is dating a married father.

So far, Lohan has insisted that she's only had ONE glass of wine since leaving rehab 6 months ago.  But according to her interviewer, Lindsay, 'takes a sip from her freshly topped off glass of vodka on the rocks.  From this moment, all questions of sobriety seem irrelevant.'  He also alludes to the fact that her family is WELL aware of her drinking, stating that she roamed music festival Coachella with her brothers and sister, carrying an Evian bottle filled with vodka.  A trusted source of the magazine ALSO claims that she was high on ecstasy the first night of Coachella.

Kode Magazine Lindsay Lohan

This is not the first rumor to surface regarding Lohan's sobriety at Coachella.  All signs are pointing to her being a hot mess of cray.

The interviewer also claims that Lindsay said, 'Oh this guy I'm seeing sent me a jet because he wants to see me...but he's married with kids.'

Well, Oprah.  You didn't get ratings and you didn't fix Lindsay. 

What would Maya Angelou say about that?

Photo:  Kode Magazine

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