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by Johnny Drama at . Comments

It's been over six months since Jill Duggar married Derick Dillard, and like a dutiful Duggar she got knocked up right off the bat.

Jill is six months pregnant now and since she's effectively been tied down, she's not permitted to use social media. (Yes, Duggar kids really have to be paired off first.)

While most 23-year-olds might be anxious to hop on Tinder, Jill enjoys documenting her quiet, occasionally super sad domestic life.

For instance, here's a selfie from Jill and Derick's P.F. Chang's date night:

Jill and Derick Dillard on a Date

We know, it's Arkansas, and good Chinese food probably isn't easy to come by, but c'mon Derick...step your game up just a smidge!

The woman is six months pregnant and she was raised in a house with 18 siblings! 

If you can't afford to spring for the Melting Pot at least stay in and cook for her.

Alright, end of anti-P.F. Chang's rant. It's that these two seem to enjoy each other's company so much and we're sure they'll make great parents.

We just they expand their culinary horizons a bit at some point.

Watch 19 Kids and Counting online to relive Jill and Derick's road to the altar.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

If you watch 19 Kids and Counting online, then you're familiar with the plight of Jana Duggar.

The girl is basically a modern-day, basic cable Cinderella, forced to devote so much time to helping raise her younger siblings that - at 24 - she's unable to have a life of her own.

Things have gotten so bad that Free Jana movements have spring up online, and the latest news from Duggar Land is unlikely to convince Jana devotees that they're being melodramatic.

Sources say Jana was ditched by the Duggars recently, when most of the family went on a missionary trip to El Salvador. 

Jana was reportedly left at home to take care of her four youngest siblings. Jessa Duggar remained stateside, but in the sort of detail that really drives home the Cinderella comparison, she was apparently being honored in a freaking parade!

"While Jessa is being treated like the homecoming princess, Jana is at home cooking, cleaning, and tending to four active, young kids," a source tells Star magazine.

"The Duggars make thousands of dollars per episode. If they have to be gone, they can afford to hire a babysitter now and then to give Jana a break."

Insiders say Jana is "exhausted" from a lifetime of helping to raise her younger siblings. We don't blame her. Were exhausted just hearing about it.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

Believe it or not, it's been a full month since Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald got caught having sex at their wedding.

So naturally they celebrated the same way the Duggars celebrate everything: with an uncomfortable online PDA!

Jessa and Ben

"Today we're celebrating our 1 'monthiversary!'" Jessa captioned the above photo. "@ben_seewald you're amazing! I'm so blessed to call you mine!"

The pic is a bit ironic, considering Jessa and Ben wouldn't even kiss in front of their wedding guests, but clearly they're feeling a bit less shy now that they're hitched.

You may recall that a petition to cancel 19 Kids and Counting circulated online after Jessa's parents generated a marriage rights' controversy after posting their own smooching selfie.

So maybe this is Jessa and Ben's way of telling the haters to kiss off? Nah, probably just two kids who are happy to be finally getting laid.

Watch 19 Kids and Counting online to relive Jessa and Ben's road to the altar.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

According to the strict Duggar courtship rules, any physical contact beyond hand holding is forbidden before marriage.

So we guess it's not all that surprising that Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald were caught having sex at their own wedding reception.

A Christian fundamentalist blogger who goes by the name of Mary B. was a guest at the wedding and gave the following account of an awkward incident right after the ceremony:

"Multiple people were discussing that when Jinger opened the door to get Jessa for the reception, she immediately closed the door with a look of shock on her face," writes the blogger, who goes by the name Mary B. "My own daughters saw as well."

"I am not sure why they would not wait for the evening to pray and then consummate God's marriage."

"The Lord has blessed them and brought them together. To hear so many people discussing what they inadvertently walked in on was troubling and heartbreaking...I believe Jessa and Ben are deeply in lust with each other."

Oh, come on! She really had to call them out on for finally giving in to their urges? Lame.

Watch 19 Kids and Counting online to relive Jessa and Ben's chaste road to the altar.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

If you watch 19 Kids and Counting online, you know that Jana Duggar gets routinely screwed over by her parents and many, many siblings.

According to insiders, at just 24, Jana is exhausted from raising children her whole life and has basically entered a state of premature spinsterhood.

Which sucks even worse when you consider that she's a total looker:

The eldest Duggar daughter's mistreatment has been worse than ever recently, leading fans and one dedicated author to start an online "Free Jana" movement.

Paul Lamar Hunt was also raised with 20 siblings and he recently wrote a book about the experience.

In an interview this Hunt spoke about the need to protect exploited children from ridiculously oversized family's like Jana's:

“Jim Bob and Michelle need to stay at home with their children and let Jana have her life,” says Hunter. “The children are not Jana’s responsibility."

"She is an adult who [probably] wants to have fun with her friends and go on dates,” he says. “She might despise her parents and confront them later on in life.”

There have been rumors that Jana plans to break free from her famous family, but sadly, we have our doubts.

Not only is it the only kind of life she's ever known, but given the Duggar's level of fame Jana would be a subject of constant media scrutiny if she ever set out on her own.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

There's a lot of weird stuff that goes on in the Duggar household, but one of the strangest things that actually makes it to TV is the family's wicked step-sibling-esque disregard for eldest daughter Jana.

During a recent episode of 19 Kids and Counting, fans expressed their outrage at Jana's treatment by the rest of the clan, as the 26-year-old was forced to do endless prep work for Jill's wedding while the other Duggars relaxed and socialized.

Now, a source close to the family tells Radar Online that Jana is exhausted from a lifeitme of helping to raise her siblings

"It's absolutely ridiculous how much the family makes Jana and the older siblings do," the insider says. "Jim Bob and Michelle have totally transitioned a lot of their parental responsibilities on to her."

"She looks so tired and worn down sometimes. You can't help but feel bad for her, having to take on that responsibility at such a young age. It's like she's been a parent ever since she was 13!"

Yikes. We can't imagine having 18 siblings, let alone being tasked with raising them. It's enough to make you hope there's some truth to the rumor that Jana is trying to break away from her family.

Watch 19 Kids and Counting online to bear witness to the Job-like suffering of the eldest Duggar daughter.

by Johnny Drama at . Comments

You know Jessa, and Joseph, and Josie, and Jim Bob...but do you recall the most potentially sane Duggar of all?

Yes, we're talking about the eldest daughter of the child-hoarding clan, Jana. While her sisters are out their gettin' freaky in accordance with strict Duggar rules of courtship, Jana remains terminally un-side-hugged.

Jana Duggar

There are rumors that Jana is forbidden to date and forced to stay home to help tend to the other children, thus rendering her an old maid at 24.

This, of course, has prompted rumors that Jana is planning to break free from Duggar domination. Some believe she's refused to become a baby factory for any of the suitors that Jim Bob has chosen for her and has thus been left with two choices: help raise the rest of the herd or set out on her own.

She's reportedly taking online classes with an eye toward obtaining a nursing degree, but unfortunately, there's been no indication that she plans to distance herself from her domineering parents.

Jana's been pushed to the sidelines throughout the latest season of the Duggar's reality show but you can watch 19 Kids and Counting online to see the brightest of the JDs show off her spark.

by Carissa Pavlica at . Comments

If you were a reality star and one of 19 kids, would you expect to get a hell of a wedding gown?

Now I don't want to tell any tales, but Jill Duggar isn't supporting her local Arkansas seamstresses. What kind of message does that send to her neighbors?

She's busy, busy, busy with all the wedding planning and yet still takes time (as well as some sisters and her mom) to Washington, D.C. to find the most important dress she'll ever own. Quite a trek for a gown. Makes alterations and last minute changes a bit more challenging.

Elsewhere on 19 Kids and Counting Season 14 Episode 6 the groom to be took Ben, Jim Bob and John-David our for a camping adventure. He can't see the dress before the wedding anyway. Maybe that's why the girls went to Washingon, D.C.! To ensure there is no way Derick will see the dress early.

Those Duggars are crafty buggers, right?

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by Johnny Drama at . Comments

When Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard got married back in June, the world naturally assumed that they'd follow in the footsteps of Jill's parents and start making babies ASAP.

After all, per the Duggar courtship rules, Jill and Derick weren't even allowed to kiss before they got married, so it stands to reason they'd be eager to consummate.

Jill Duggar Baby Bump Photo

But some 19 Kids and Counting fans now believe that Jill got pregnant too early and that she and Derick were, in fact, gettin' it in on the sly.

They claim that Jill was clearly pregnant before she got married as her latest Instagram pic lists her at 13 weeks and one day pregnant.

That would put the conception date at over a week before the Dillards wedding on June 21.

That initially sounds like a ruh-roh, but Jill is denying that she had pre-marital sex and her story holds up:

The date of conception is calculated not by determining the day on which the intercourse took place, but rather as the first day of the woman's last normal menstural cycle, which could be several weeks before the kid is actually conceived.

So, there ya go. We all learned something today. Watch 19 Kids and Counting online at TV Fanatic for more valuable tidbits. 

by Carissa Pavlica at . Comments

Ahhh. There's nothing like a wedding to get the ole shopping juices flowing!

What are the Duggar's shopping for on 19 Kids and Counting Season 8 Episode 4? Well, Jill and Derick are on the hunt for wedding bands. Just how much time and thought goes into choosing the band, anyway?

If you ever hope to move in with the Duggars, you'd best prepare for some work. When Ben learns he can move into their guesthouse, he discovers there is a catch. He has to complete a series of tasks first; chores, if you will.

Does Ben make it into the guesthouse or does he fail at his tasks? Do Jill and Derick make a successful purchase?

Don't waste time theorizing, watch 19 Kids and Counting online now!