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Posted by Kristan Roland

Who knew Ben Affleck could be so...disturbing?  Affleck definitely delivers a dose of combined charm and creep factor in the first preview for the movie "Gone Girl."

Adapted from Gillian Flynn's best selling novel of the same name, Gone Girl tells the story of Nick Dunne (Affleck) and his wife Amy Dunne (played by Rosalind Pike).  When Amy goes missing under mysterious circumstances, details involving the true nature of their relationship are revealed...and Nick begins to look anything but innocent.

Take a look at the clip below.

I read the book last Summer and absolutely loved it.  It definitely keeps you guessing! 

Will you be seeing the movie?  And are you buying Ben Affleck as a murderous husband?

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Posted by Missy

While looking at hoards of celebrity photos we kept coming back to pics of Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner.  We believe that their facial expressions convey their genuine love and respect for each other and we have decided that for today -- they are our favorite Hollywood couple!

A popular target of the paparazzi, this uber-busy family is bombarded daily while taking the kids to school, dance class, basketball practice, karate, the Farmers Market -- you get the picture.   That said, we must admit that we love seeing those images of their great looking family.

The 'Argo' star proposed to his longtime partner on her 33rd birthday with a 4.5 carats diamond ring from Harry Winston. Affleck married Garner, who was four months pregnant at the time, on June 29, 2005 in a private ceremony in the Caribbean, officiated by family friend and Garner's 'Alias' co-star, Victor Garber.

The couple have three children: Violet Anne, Seraphina Rose and Samuel Garner.

Jen recently told Ellen DeGeneres that Ben is "spermy."  Regarding a possible fourth pregnancy, she quipped, "There are 57 kinds of contraceptives used pretty much."

She explained, "Yep.  The three of them are under the age of eight. I think we have provided the world with enough."

jennifer and bens kids

While accepting the Best Picture Oscar for 'Argo,' Ben gushed, "I want to thank you for working on our marriage for ten Christmases.  It is work but the best kind of work and there's no one I'd rather work with."

BA is preparing for his much-anticipated Batman role and Jennifer recently appeared on the big sceen in the 'Dallas Buyer's Club' with co-stars Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto.

Photo Credit: WENN

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Posted by Missy
ben affleck photo

Fox network announced on Friday that Ben Affleck will executive produce and direct the television  pilot episode of 'The Middle Man,' with production set to begin in early 2014.

Writer Glenn Gordon Caron, of 'Moonlighting' and 'Medium' fame, scripted the 60's Boston crime saga that delves into the Irish-American mob.

'The Middle Man' looks into the unique relationship between an FBI agent charged with taking down the Italian-American mafia, and his confidential informant, an Irish-American gangster.

Affleck received critical acclaim last year with the box office successful of 'Argo,' a well-received film that won the Academy Award for Best Picture.  He directed, produced and starred in the historical drama thriller based on the true story during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis.

Many considered it a travesty that the Academy of Arts and Sciences didn't nominate him in the Best Director category.  Respected director Quentin Tarantino said at the time, "I feel sorry for Ben Affleck.  He really deserved it and I think we all thought he was going to get it."

The A-list actor is married to actress Jennifer Garner and they have three children; Violet, 7,  Seraphina, 4, and Samuel, 1.

Photo Credit: WENN

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Posted by Meg
ben affleck to tackle batman role

Ben Affleck has signed on to portray Caped Crusader, Batman, in the 2015 sequel of 'Man of Steel.'

Warner Bros. said in a release late Thursday, "The film will bring Batman and Superman together for the first time on the big screen."

British actor Henry Cavill will reprise his role as Clark Kent and Earth protector Superman in a sequel that has not yet been titled.  While preparing for 'Man of Steel,' he consumed 5,000 calories a day and trained 14-hours a week.

Director Zack Snyder said, "Ben provides an interesting counter-balance to Henry's Superman.  He has the acting chops to create a layered portrayal of a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter, but retains the charm that the world sees in billionaire Bruce Wayne.  I can't wait to work with him."

Production begins next year with a scheduled release date of July 17, 2015.  Co-stars include Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White,  and Diane Lane as the mother of Superman.

Ben Affleck received critical acclaim for his directing skills in the Academy Award-winning film 'Argo,' a historical dramatization of the rescue of six U.S. diplomats from Tehran during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis.

He wed actress Jennifer Garner eight years ago in Turks and Caicos.  The couple have three children: daughters Violet and Seraphina, and son Sam.

Photo:  WENN

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Posted by Meg
jennifer garner tesitifies for a protection law against the pap

Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner testified yesterday in favor of legislation that would make it illegal for the paparazzi to photograph children without the permission of a parent or guardian.

Garner got emotional while urging members of an Assembly Judiciary Committee in Sacramento to support legislation that will put an end to the aggressive and intrusive behavior that adversely affects her family on a daily basis.

Jennifer and her actor husband Ben Affleck, of 'Argo' fame, have three children: Violet, 7, Seraphina, 4, and Sam, 1.  They are, hands down, the most photographed family in California.

jen and ben have had enough intrusion

Halle Berry, another strong advocate of the measure, told the same group that her daughter Nahla is afraid to go to school because of the media presence during her daily school commute.
halle and nahla out and about

In New York City the dubious distinction falls to Sarah Jessica Parker, who is photographed on a daily basis while walking her three children to school.  Surprisingly, she appears to enjoy the experience ... if the constant smile on her face is any indication.
sjp and her twins marion and tabitha nyc

Check out Jen's emotional plea on the video below:

 Photos:  Video Screen Grab, WENN
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Posted by Missy
jennifer garner allure magazine

Actress Jennifer Garner, 41, graces the September cover of Allure magazine. Inside the pages she talks about how she intentionally keeps her identity separate from that of her highly successful actor hubby Ben Affleck.

A case in point is how the couple approach walking the red carpet -- they usually pose separately.  She said, "It's a very conscious decision. Sometimes it's a pain because my heels are so high and it would be nice to have his arm."

"And he's such a great date!  But it can be too much. I think especially for women, they can really lose their identity and just become 'wife of' so and so."

They won't be partnering on the big screen either.  She stated emphatically "Really, you don't want to see a couple onscreen. People see paparazzi shots of us together all the time. There's no mystery . . . People are sick of us."

Affleck and Garner met in 2003 on the set of 'Daredevil' and began dating the following year and wed in 2005.   They are frequently photographed while out and about with their three adorable children, Violet, 7,  Seraphina, 4, and Sam, 17 months.

Garner's next film, 'The Dallas Buyer's Club,' is slated to hit theaters in mid-December.  She is also set to begin filmed 'Draft Day' and 'Imagine,' for 2014 release.

The Allure interview hits newsstands beginning August 20.

Photo Credit: Allure Magazine

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Posted by Meg
brown university graduation 2013

'Argo' director Ben Affleck picked up a doctor of fine arts degree during Sunday's commencement at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Affleck was one of a handful of prestigious recipients of honorary doctorates over Memorial Day Weekend 2013.  Others included an MIT Professor, a Stanford bacteriologist, several college presidents, and a medical doctor.

The accomplished actor-director, who won an Academy Award for Best Picture earlier this year, told the Providence Journal, "This is a spectacular honor for me.  Not only for the education, but now I surpass Matt Damon."

His friend received the 2013 Harvard Arts Medal in recognition for his outstanding work in the arts industry, and for the success of 'Good Will Hunting.'

Ben Affleck was honored by Brown for his work as a director, filmmaker, and actor, and was recognized for his contributions as a humanitarian advocate.

After picking up his diploma Affleck returned to his seat but was coerced by the crowd to deliver a short acceptance speech.  He joked, "This is a spectacular honor for me.  My 7 year old daughter said, 'Why are you doing that dad.  You went to no classes and did no homework.' Out of the mouths of babes."

"In truth, my mother is here.  She never got to see me graduate from any higher education at all.  So, for mom, I love you.  Thank you very much."

Check out his short acceptance speech below:

Picking up a bona fide Master's Degree last week was actress Eva Longoria - cap and gown photos here.

 Photos: Twitter-Brown University
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Posted by Meg
jen and ben on snl

'Argo' producer Ben Affleck was joined during this week's 'Saturday Night Live' opening monologue by his gorgeous wife Jennifer Garner.

The 40-year-old Academy Award-winning actor, during his fifth hosting appearance, poked fun at his 2013 Oscar acceptance speech after inviting his spouse to join him on stage.

Rocking a stunning black gown, Jen greeted her hubby with a kiss.  He then proceeded to admit that giving an award speech can be terrifying and it is easy to mess up.

Ben noted, "I thanked my wife while saying the essence of marriage is 'work.'  Some uncharitable souls on the Internet took that to mean our marriage is some kind of manual labor.  That's not it."

She clarified, "We use the term 'work' to define how we talk privately about our commitment to keeping our relationship strong.  Not sure why you have to share it live with a billion people, but..."

He asked her, "What would you have called it in a speech?"  She promptly responded, "A GIFT.  I would have said, 'Thank you to my wife - our marriage is a gift."

Audience laughter made her bolder.  "Maybe we should discuss who actually does all the work."

Affleck then proceeded to lavish several compliments on his wife.  She responded, "You're reading that from a cue card."

When he told her, "I love you," she kissed her husband on the lips and gave him one parting shot, "Thank you, you're a lot of work!"

He whispered something personal to her as she left the stage.

Check out the video below:

Photo:  Video Screen Grab

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Posted by Meg
celebrities to live on 150 a day

Ben Affleck has signed on to take the 2013 Live Below the Line challenge at the end of April.

The 'Argo' celeb has agreed to live on $1.50 a day for food and drink from April 29-May 3 to raise awareness about extreme poverty.

Other celebrities who will give up their Starbucks and a whole lot more for the cause include Josh Groban, Sophia Bush and Debi Mazar.

Groban took the challenge last year and was so taken with the cause that he didn't hesitate for a moment when he was asked to get on board again for the new campaign.

He said, "It's amazing how much we take for granted not having to live in hunger."

The $1.50 figure is the current equivalent of the accepted global figure used to define extreme poverty.  The Live Below the Line organization hopes to help people better empathize with the 1.4 billion people who live in abject poverty.

Check out what Groban had to say about living on $1.50 a day in the video clip below:

Photos:  WENN
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Posted by Andrea
ben affleck accepts award for argo

Ben Affleck gave a classy, heartfelt and tearful acceptance speech after his film Argo won the Best Picture award last night at the 85th Annual Academy Awards.

Affleck, who was snubbed for a Best Director nod for the film, also produced the film along with George Clooney and Grant Helov.

Michelle Obama presented the award from the White House via satellite.

Fearing he would run out of time, Affleck sped through his acceptance speech.

Thanking his wife, Jennifer Garner, for working on their marriage, the 40-year-old actor/director/producer said, "It's work. It's the best kind of work, and there's no one else I'd rather work with."

Reminiscing about his first Oscar win for "Good Will Hunting," Affleck said, "I was here a few years ago or something, and you know, I had no idea what I was doing."

"It doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life, because that's gonna happen," he said seemingly addressing the snub. "All that matters is that you gotta get up."

Watch Ben Affleck's acceptance speech below.


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